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Why is 26/12/2019 important and what is likely around this date?

ॐ श्रीगणेशाय नमः 


On 26/12/2019 an interesting planetary alignment takes place in our solar system. Six planets are placed in Dhanu Rashi (Sagittarius) and this placement is flanked on both sides by Venus and Mars respectively.

What makes this even more interesting is that a Solar eclipse takes place on this date. So what are the ramifications?

The solar eclipse is the fuse that lights up the powder barrel of planetary energies that have gathered in Sagittarius. Its effects are long-lasting and can precipitate a crisis anytime in the coming several months.

Let us take a look at the role of two massive planets Jupiter and Saturn. These decide what happens in the world including us humans. Jupiter is the planet of light, wisdom, and spirituality. Saturn is the planet that brings to us the results of the Karma done by us in our past lives.

Jupiter is the law-giver and the law, Saturn is the mechanism that brings justice to us. If we imagine Jupiter to be the Indian Penal Code, then Saturn represents the police and the judiciary.

Jupiter’s blessings and Saturn’s permission are an essential part of the happening of any event in the world and in our individual lives.

Let us take a deeper look at what happens to these two massive planets that are the arbiters of events on earth in the coming few weeks.

Before we proceed further, we must understand an astrology term called Ast in Sanskrit or combust in English. It implies the overpowering of a planet’s energy by that of the Sun making the planet weak and unable to give its results. Generally speaking, a planet when it is within twelve degrees of the Sun, is considered combust. Ast planets cease to give their good results and are a source of troubles.

Jupiter becomes completely Ast or combusts on 28th December 2019. Since Jupiter is the planet of law, it means that there will be general lawlessness and people will not be afraid of break the laws at will. This is a worrisome aspect of this combustion.

Saturn becomes combust on 13/01/2020. This implies that lawlessness will not be immediately countered and curbed as the executive, the police and judiciary will be hesitant and indecisive. We must keep these facts at the back of our minds as we proceed further.

As many as six planets congregate in Sagittarius on 26/12/2019 and add extraordinary energy to this sign. Sagittarius is a warlike sign and represents places where horses and elephants live. It also signifies parking places for chariots, heavy vehicles, battlefields, and the king’s residence etc.

This planetary energy can trigger some action that involves the cavalry, artillery, and cantonments of the Indian army. It could also involve the residences of the president and PM of India.

In the independence chart of India the Lagna is Taurus and Sagittarius occupies the eighth house which represents losses, accidents, death, adventures, and destruction. There is a good possibility that there may be a sharp skirmish with the Pakistani army. Why the Pakistani army?  Because, this planetary congregation is under the seventh house aspect of planet Rahu which is placed in the seventh house from it in Gemini, which is his Mooltrikon sign. Rahu represents the Muslim faith.

This means that Pakistan may initially succeed in its attempt to cause damage to India but the Indian riposte will be devastating and overwhelming. Why would this be so? Because of Mars which is placed in Scorpio and remains there until 07/02/2020. This strong Mars illuminates the sixth and seventh house which are that of an adversary.

War with Pakistan is only one possibility. There is the possibility of widespread civil unrest in India due to false perceptions connected to common civil code, population control bill, and implementation of the National Register of Citizens of India. Minority unrest fomented with foreign help will be a headache for the government.

In the rest of the world, the flashpoints in Africa, the middle east and Asia might become active again. The possibility of the brutality shown in the past in Tiananmen square in Beijing may be repeated in Hong Kong. In Pakistan, the Shias and the Ahmadis will come under savage repression. The government may be toppled by the army. Pakistan may cease to exist as we know it now.

Volcanic eruptions, Tsunamis and cyclones may make life difficult for hapless people. Places like San Andreas fault, Volcanos like Sakurajima, Galeras, Taal Volcano, Mount Nyiragongo, Mount Vesuvius, and Eyjafjallajokull might become active. Underwater eruptions may cause Tsunamis. These events might unfold in the months to come because the effect of the solar eclipse can last up to a year.

These events and unrests will have a direct impact on the world economy. The sluggish economies in Europe will become even more lethargic. Chinese banking crisis may take a heavy toll on the country’s economy in the coming months.. India too may experience a further fall in the growth rate. We are for some tough times in the months to come.

Astrology only indicates the trends, the real events are in the hands of the almighty. The Karmic unfolding is relentless and brooks no resistance.

Rajiv Sethi


Mobile and WhatsApp 9899589211 . planetstories@gmail.com.

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