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How is 2016 for you? Life tips from hinduvedicastro.in

Unerring predictions through Vedic astrology – How is 2016 for you?.

001.Aries image

Aries: Right from the beginning of the year until tenth August 2016 Jupiter illuminates your Lagna. Profession blossoms and finances improve steadily. A new project is likely to take off. This beneficial influence is helpful in all areas of life. Mixed with this however are the tensions caused by increased expenses and needless running around. From first of January to 19th of February, finances are really buoyant due to aspect of Mars on Lagna. Thereafter until 17th of June the money situation remains tight as Mars moves to the eighth house. Domestic tensions are also likely during this period.

002.Taurus image

Taurus: Saturn illuminates the Lagna all through the year with his benefic aspect. From first to 18th of January, Venus aspects Lagna and brings about happy and auspicious events. People of status – especially women – are very helpful during this phase. From 19th of June onward, Venus moves to the eighth house and causes increased expenses, tensions and health related issues.
Mars influences Lagna for nine months until 17th September. Finances become comfortable and you buy luxury goods to improve your life style. There is a tendency to flare up quickly at this point of time. Blood pressure and other blood related problems must be investigated promptly.

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Gemini: First thirteen days of the year are bad for health and can bring about some problems. A similar phase operates between eighth of February to first of March. Situation improves from 20th February to 17th June as Mars energy illuminates this sign. Self-initiative, self-confidence and leadership abilities come to the fore. You remain busy throughout in improving your professional status.Mercury transits the ninth house from 1st till 18th March, and brings good fortune. People in high places will be favorable and try to help you. From 19th March until 2nd April Mercury transits Pisces and causes tensions related to health and finances. A long travel is possible in June. End June and first week of July are financially fruitful. 19th August to 20th October is also very productive phase for you.

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Cancer: The first thirteen days of the year, and then the period between 15th January and twelfth February can cause health problems and financial difficulties. From seventh to 31st March Venus transits the eighth house and interferes with some well laid plans. She also causes financial setbacks. July and August are bad months for health. September to year end is an average time sometimes marred by mental tension and unwanted agitations.


005.Leo image

Leo: Jupiter transits Leo from the beginning of the year until eleventh August. Stalled projects from past year will now move forward. Professionally too this is a productive period. From End January to the end of the year, Rahu also transits Leo and brings about some delays and mental tensions. From 13th February to 13th March, Sun provides help in the form of increased social status and healthy finances. Sun becomes exalted from 13th April to 13th May and provides a great deal of help in every sphere. Sun and Saturn face each other mid-May to Mid-June and cause domestic discontent. Jupiter moves out of Leo on eleventh August and allows Saturn and Rahu to create complications. You need to be vigilant in November and December against hidden enemies who are bent upon harming you.

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Virgo: Rahu transits Virgo during January and causes delays and obstacles in your activities. Mercury in the fifth house prompts you to make long term plans. Mid-March to beginning of April Mercury is ‘Ast’ or Neech and causes health issues. Income is likely to be low. Mid-March to Mid-April there is an improvement in the financial situation. April end onward until 22nd May is an unfavorable period for all personal issues. Tight finances are likely. Jupiter’s transit to Virgo on eleventh August comes like a breath of fresh air and improves situation in all spheres.

007libra images

Libra: Diminishing results of Sade Sati are felt throughout the year. Domestic tensions, professional complications and secret worries keep you on edge. Professional problems are prominent until 20th February but enough money is earned to take care of all necessary expenses. Mid-September to mid-October Venus transits this sign and boosts social status and money supply. August onward Jupiter begins to transit the twelfth house and pushes up expenses.,


008.scorpio image

Scorpio: Sade Sati effects prevail throughout the year. Mars transits through the twelfth house until 19th February causes unfruitful journeys, increased expenses and adverse conditions. Mars enters Scorpio on 20th February and remains there until 17th June. While there he blesses you with increased social status, monetary gains and new projects. This period can cause anger and you must be prepared for it. Mars becomes retrograde and enters the twelfth house on 17th June where he remains until 18th September. Things will improve during this phase. Mars enters exaltation sign Capricorn on first November and remains there until eleventh December. This transit blesses you with self-confidence, finances and rapid progress.

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Sagittarius suffers Sade Sati of Saturn throughout the year but Lagna lord Jupiter comes to the rescue. His transit from beginning of the year until tenth of August removes all negativity from your life. You feel a pull towards spirituality and success in domestic and professional spheres causes elation. Jupiter becomes direct and enters Virgo on eleventh August. There is a distinct change in your affairs at this time. Expenses increase and fruitless journeys connected to profession keep you on edge.


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Capricorn: Lagna lord Saturn illuminates the sign throughout the year. Mars also aspects this sign with his exalted and beneficial gaze. The combined results of both these planets promise enhanced status and acceptance in high places. From mid-January to mid-February Sun transits Capricorn and causes quick temper. Mid-May to mid-June Saturn-sun opposition causes arguments with friends and siblings. From seventh July to fifteenth August you face delays and tardy progress in your profession. Governmental bureaucracy is totally unhelpful during this time. Jupiter aspects Capricorn eleventh August onward and you experience slow movement of money.

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Aquarius: Jupiter exerts its beneficial influence on this sign from the beginning of the year to tenth August. This gives increased self-confidence and helps you to develop contacts with well-placed people in society. Saturn transits its enemy sign Scorpio so expenses remain high throughout the year. Ketu transits Aquarius from 30th January till year end and beyond. He generates mental tensions and an aversion to life. Low finances and indifferent health keeps you on the edge. Period from July to September is unfavorable but situation improves from August onward. Money supply increases and life becomes attractive once again.


12.Pisces image

Pisces: Ketu transits Pisces practically for the whole of January and then enters the twelfth house. Jupiter along with Rahu transits the sixth house in backwards motion from eighth January to eighth June. This Jupiter-Rahu union lasts until tenth August and cause anguish due to un-achieved goals, low finances and stuck projects. This union also causes financial worries. Tenth August onward Jupiter enters Virgo and beneficially illuminates his own house Pisces. This pulls you towards religion and spirituality and a pilgrimage is very likely. Benefits are likely from high placed people. The second half of the year is much better than the first one.To know more about significance of houses in Vedic astrology visit this link.

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