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Effect of exalted Venus on the twelve signs after 03.02.2020

Venus is a female planet. She has been envisaged as a woman with black curly hair, a huge beautiful body, and a fair complexion. She is the planet of emotions, passion, pleasures, sexual vitality, sexual fulfillment, and domestic bliss. She has domain over vehicles, sugar industry, luxury items, fine chemicals, medicines, silk, fine cotton, high fashion, perfumes, singing, dancing, poetry, and paintings. Everything of sophistication is represented by Venus. The representative gemstone of Venus is a diamond. The representative flower is Brahmakamal. Among flora Sandalwood represents Venus. These predictions are based on the exaltation of Venus seen from your birth Rashi or Moon sign. This can be easily ascertained from the internet.

The parts of the body ruled over by Venus are sex organs, semen, thighs, urine, and hair. Affliction to Venus causes problems like poor eyesight, sexual debility, loss of power to smell, low sperm count, low sperm motility and vaginal problems. Exalted Venus gives exactly opposite results.

Venus gets exalted in Pisces at 27°. We shall now see the results of the exaltation of Venus in Pisces and her effect on various signs.


For Aries – the exaltation Rashi of Venus which is Pisces – occupies the twelfth house. This transit, therefore, becomes doubly favorable. Firstly because it gives a boost to finances and marriage and secondly because Venus in the twelfth house gives excellent results pertaining to “Bhoga” or enjoyment connected to the five senses.

This transit lasts for twenty-six days but it will leave some very happy memories for times to come. Happiness from the opposite sex is a done deal. Many courting relationships will end in a marriage and those already married will enjoy a second honeymoon. A fun trip to a faraway place or even to another country is very likely.

Some of you may buy a luxury item that you have long been planning for. New clothes, new gadgets, probably a new car and fun times are ahead for you.

Venus is the lord of the second house of wealth so you may expect a nice addition to your bank balance. This may be a payment delayed in the past or a bonus or something similar.

Of the three Nakshatras that constitute Aries, those born in the Bharani Nakshatra will have a better time than Ashwin and Krittika.


For Taurus people, Venus passes through the 11th house of financial gains. In the eleventh house from Moon, Venus gives increased finances and enhanced status. There is success everywhere. High-quality food becomes available and one leads a luxurious life. Relationships with the opposite sex give happiness. Help and support of friends are assured.

Venus becomes the lord of the Lagna and the sixth house. As the Lagna lord, he gives better health, increased self-confidence, and an attractive aura. As the sixth lord, she becomes the lord of the house of enemies, litigation, loans, diseases, and injury. Both houses get a boost as their lord becomes exalted but the Mool Trikon Rashi (Favored house) falls in the sixth so those results will predominate. Keep a hawk’s eye on your health. Remain careful when driving or using machinery that can cause injury. Use tact with your opponents.

This is a good time to apply for a home or car loan. All that you need to do is to do your homework and apply due diligence when signing on the thin dotted line.

This is a fun time for children as you lavish attention, love, and money on them. This is also a good time to start a baby as the planet of fertility is aspecting the fifth house of the reproductive system. 


The Gemini people have exalted Venus passing through the tenth house of workplace, profession, and business. If you are connected to any of the professions mentioned in the preamble above, success awaits you. All people in the field of art will have their work liked and praised. This is a good transit for software writers who are working in the field of cutting edge technology like Artificial intelligence. A delayed promotion or salary increment will finally be clinched in your favor. This period is also good for an elder brother if any.

Venus is aspecting the fourth house of happiness, comforts, mother’s love, real estate, and vehicles. All of these get a boost and make you happy. The atmosphere in the home becomes full of warmth and coziness. This is a good period for marriage.

The Fifth house contains Libra which is the Mooltrikon Rashi of Venus. The children prosper and do well in subjects of their choice. The relationship with the children improves and communication becomes better.

If contemplating building a house or buying an apartment, this is a favorable period to go-ahead as additional help is provided by Mars. This reasoning extends to buying a vehicle as well.


For those born in the sign of Cancer, the luck smiles in a benign fashion. Exalted Venus in the house of good fortune, spiritual progress, father, and a spiritual Guru is very helpful. It is especially so as the lord of the ninth house Jupiter is also placed in his Mooltrikon sign. You can safely look forward to a favorable time ahead. Spiritual aspirants will most likely have a breakthrough. Those just starting in this direction may find a Guru.   

Venus owns the fourth house of happiness, comforts, mother’s love, real estate, and vehicles. She also owns the eleventh house of financial gains, the elder brother left ear, the fulfillment of wishes, victory in litigation, pleasure, prosperity, easy gains, and the dawn of fortune. The results pertaining to both houses will dovetail to make you happy.

Some unexpected gain is quite likely. The love and support of both parents will be available in plenty. A family reunion is not ruled out.

For the elderly, The son in law or the daughter in law may give you some good news. An email/a phone call/a letter fills you with joy and happiness.

Some good times are there to be had with close friends. You may fly/travel to another city to participate in a happy occasion.


For those born with Moon in Leo, Venus transits the eighth house. Passing through the eighth house, Venus bestows wealth and an increase in comforts. Most niggling problems disappear and one has access to luxuries and cozy life. the extended family helps with money. Happiness and intellectual affairs flourish.

Venus here becomes the lord of the tenth house of profession and the third lord of communications. Both houses gain from the exaltation of their lord. Those connected to journalism, media, TV, etc. have some good times ahead of them. Their work might be applauded and some reward may come to them. The rookies in this field may see their hard work rewarded by their seniors. There is a word of warning here as well, those who have deliberately crossed the line for misreporting in the past may meet their comeuppance now.

The exaltation of Venus which is a significator for relationships in the eighth house of secrets is likely to create a situation for a secret love affair outside the bonds of marriage. This is an issue that you will have to deal with in an adult manner. Listen to your voice of conscience and do its bidding. For most of you though, the marriage remains quite happy.


Those born with a Virgo moon have some exceptionally good time ahead of them. Venus becomes the lord of the house of money as also the house of spirituality, good fortune, and father. His exaltation makes all these areas bloom.

Venus gets exalted in the seventh house of marriage and relationships with the opposite sex. This is a good period for tying the knot or getting into a romantic relationship. Those already married will experience a second honeymoon either in their home or in a place of their choosing.

Your physical attraction increases as your personality and your face are lit by the energy of exalted Venus. For the men, it is a good time to add some good quality clothes to your wardrobe. The women could go for some Haute-couture clothes as well as high-quality cosmetics and perfumes.

The money will find its way to you in February. It can be a delayed payment or a bonus or a raise. Some unexpected gain will fill you with surprise and joy.

Those who pray to the divine mother shall find their prayers being rewarded. Try your best not to ask for physical benefits which are transitory at best. For ‘Sadhaks’ this month will prove very fruitful and likely to bring a lasting spiritual benefit. This is a month to enjoy life in all its dimensions.


The Libra born have the lord of the Lagna or Ascendant becoming exalted in the sixth house. This gives them an extra magnetism and self-confidence in the coming months. This is a good period for starting relationships and converting steady relationships into marriage.

This is also a time to buy new clothes and beauty products that enhance your personality and make you more attractive.

There is a downside to this transit as well. This transit of Venus through the sixth house increases troubles due to enemies. They become strong and one is forced to make peace with them. However, since Venus is very strong, not much damage will be done. There may be disputes with business partners and an accident during a journey may cause an injury. If driving long-distance, make sure that you take frequent rests. This period also causes unhappiness due to spouse/girlfriend. You should be careful about losses due to theft and litigation.


The Scorpio people have Venus passing through their fifth house. Venus always gives favorable results when transiting the house of children, speculation, romance, and intellectual capacity. This time around she is exalted. The relationship with the children becomes very cordial. General prosperity and financial gains abound. One enjoys high-quality food and drink. The planet of love passing through the house of romance promotes romance and marriage. One also gets success in examinations leading to promotions. There are frequent visits to places of amusements like theater, discos, cinema, and clubs.

Venus owns the twelfth house of the sexual act and the ‘pleasures of the bed.‘ His exaltation in the house of romance indicates that flirtation will be successful and lead to sexual happiness.

Venus also owns the seventh house of male-female relationships as also marriage. The exaltation of Venus in the house of the romance indicates that a long-standing relation gets converted to marriage.

Venus brings one more gift to you and that is in the form of increased earnings. The powerful and highly beneficial influence of Venus on the house of earnings pushes up income. Your elder brother if any also gains during this period and the two of you may come together to bond well. All said and done this is a period to warm the cockles of your heart.


For the Sagittarians, exalted Venus transits through the fourth house which rules over happiness, comforts, mother, real estate and vehicles. Venus blesses them with the fulfillment of their physical desires. Gains of wealth accrue and one may buy a car or a house, and other items of luxury. The extended family becomes helpful and one maintains cordial relations within his social circle.

Venus owns the eleventh house of income and finances. His exaltation suggests an increase in the income for the duration of the transit. Even otherwise you are well placed as far as finances are concerned this year.

Venus also owns the sixth house of loans, litigation, injury, and enemies. However, the Mooltrikon Rashi falls in the eleventh house so the results of the eleventh house will predominate. That said, both houses represent an injury of some kind and you must be very careful about it.

Take extra care when using fire, machinery, and sharp objects. The same is true for driving as well. Alcohol and driving never mix even during the best of times but in the present scenario, these predict an accident and injury.  If driving long distances, make sure that you follow the rule of ten minutes of rest for every hour of driving. This is a good period but it needs to be used judiciously.


The Capricornians have Venus passing through the third house. Venus here gives an increase in the number of friends. It also helps with the defeat of the competition and enemies. Money supply increases and one becomes courageous. Venus also helps with the increase in respect and status. Good fortune prevails and one benefits from siblings.  Venus makes it easier to deal with the bureaucracy.

The third house deals with the communication of every kind. This transit helps you to communicate effectively. Short journeys by land or air also come under the domain of the third house and you stand to benefit through these as well.

Venus is a Yogkarak planet for the Capricorn born. She owns the tenth house of business, profession, and social status. For the duration of her exaltation, Venus will boost these areas of your life.

The other house owned by Venus is the fifth which is the house of wisdom, romance, speculation, and children. This period can bless you with a new relationship. For the already married this is a good time to strengthen the bonds of marriage. If the birth Venus is well placed the results are going to be very gratifying. Everything said it is a good transit for the Capricorn born.


People born with Aquarius Rashi have Exalted Venus passing through their second house which represents, wealth, face, speech, food and ruling powers. It is for this reason that Passing through the second house from Moon, Venus gives repeated gains of money. One’s health improves and one gets access to new clothes and ornaments. Sexual comforts of a high order are also assured by this transit. One’s physical beauty increases and one becomes interested in music and fine arts. There is a good possibility that you might attend a musical concert during this transit.

Venus becomes a Yogkarak planet for Aquarius and owns the fourth and the ninth house. The fourth house signifies the happiness of home and hearth as well as the love of the mother. Vehicles and real estate. The ninth house mainly represents spirituality, good fortune, and father. The combined results of these two houses will be available for the duration of the transit.

This transit will provide the pop, snap, and crackle to an existing marriage or relationship and bring the two persons even closer. All in all, this is a transit to look forward to.


For those born in Pisces Rashi, Venus exalts in the Lagna itself. It will have two-tiered results. Considered simply as a planet, this transit promises an increase in comforts and financial gains. It suppresses the enemies and the competition. There will certainly be sensual behavior as well. Your hunger for bodily pleasures will be more keen than usual. This transit can also give marriage and birth of progeny. Venus transit also promotes intellectual efforts and helps in studies.

All kinds of luxuries and comforts become available to you. One leans towards (Satvik) good deeds. Business and profession flourish. This is a good transit for those dealing in cold drinks, fruit juices, bottled water etc. Those selling expensive articles, clothes, and jewelry are also favored.

Venus is a planet of physical attraction and you shall see a difference in your personality. The way you deal with the opposite sex will change. You are likely to be more flirtatious than your usual self.

The negative results of this transit may also result in heavy expenditure. Avoid taking loans and buying anything expensive using a credit card. Fiscal discipline is needed throughout February. This can prove a good transit if one applies due diligence in all fiscal matters. It is essential not to take a hurried decision. An unexpected misfortune should be analyzed thoroughly before reacting to it.

Rajiv Sethi

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