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Jyotish and Chakras


Jyotish and Chakras Part – II Manipur and Anahat Chakras

The third Chakra is Manipur Chakra which is symbolized by a yellow, downward pointing triangle with ten petals. The seed syllable is Ram, and the presiding deity is Brihada Rudra with Lakini as the Shakti. तीसरे चक्र मणिपुर का प्रतीक एक पीले रंग की, दस पंखुड़ियों वाल कमल है जिस में एक उल्टा त्रिकोण बना […] Read more


Jyotish and Chakras – How are they connected?

The Vedic philosophy propounds the theory of Chakras which are the points at which Prana is distributed in the body. One can roughly compare these to the step down transformers that distribute a high level voltage to our homes by bringing it down. Chakra means a whorl of rotating energy resembling a whirlpool. We all […] Read more

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