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Ashtam Shani


Ashtam Shani – Transit of Saturn through the eighth house Part-II

 Continuation of the previous Blog about Saturn transits. In the previous Blog we dealt with Sade Sati and Pancham Shani, or the transit of Saturn through the twelfth,first, and second houses as also the 5th house from Moon. In this Blog we shall take a look at what happens when Saturn transits the 8th house […] Read more


Sade Sati, Pancham and Ashtam Shani effects. Part-I

Planet Saturn takes two and a half years to transit one Rashi or Zodiac sign. When he passes through the third, sixth and eleventh houses from Moon in a horoscope, he gives good results like happiness, prosperity and enjoyment of physical pleasures of all types. His transit through other houses usually gives bad results. When […] Read more

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