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Predictive Astrology

What are the indications of afflicted Sun in one’s horoscope? (Question asked by a follower on Quora)

Sun is the Karak or significator for father, government and its bureaucracy, the higher hierarchy of where you work, stomach, and digestion. It also represents the eyesight, especially of the right eye. Fame or infamy is also under its domain. If you feel that you are facing issues pertaining to what has been mentioned above […] Read more

What happens if the 7th lord sits in the 2nd house?

The seventh house lord sitting in the second house is never good. It always causes friction in the marriage. If the seventh lord gets exalted in the second house – Mithun Lagna for example – then too, it creates problems. One partner becomes dominant and wants to control the marriage causing resentment in the other […] Read more

Will Taurus natives finally heave a sigh of relief from Ashtama Shani after the 24th January 2020 or the continuity of Jupiter Ketu in their 8th house will keep things at low until November 2020?

Taurus natives have indeed been hit hard due to the transit of Saturn through their eighth house for the past thirty months. This has been a difficult and challenging period for them professionally, financially and healthwise. On 24/01/2020 Saturn finally leaves the eighth house and transits to the ninth house. This is a good transit for […] Read more

What is the future of the BJP party as per Indian astrology?

The most popular birth details on the internet search say that the BJP was formed on 6/4/1980 at 11.45 Am in Delhi India. Using this chart, BJP is running the Moon Mahadasha-Rahu Bhukti from 23/02/2019 to 16/08/2020. Moon and Rahu are mutual enemies and their Dasha-Antardasha is unable to give happy results. This is the […] Read more

Does the Mahadasha of the sixth lord/planets in the sixth house give depression?

The main culprits in any depression-like situation are Saturn and Rahu. Moon represents the mind. If Moon is low in Pakshbal one is likely to get into a depression if Saturn and/or Rahu aspect her or are conjunct with her. This would be true even for Taurus Moon. The other planet to look for is […] Read more

Effect of exalted Venus on the twelve signs after 03.02.2020

Venus is a female planet. She has been envisaged as a woman with black curly hair, a huge beautiful body, and a fair complexion. She is the planet of emotions, passion, pleasures, sexual vitality, sexual fulfillment, and domestic bliss. She has domain over vehicles, sugar industry, luxury items, fine chemicals, medicines, silk, fine cotton, high […] Read more

Narender Modi Yearly Predection

What is the future of Modi post-2024, astrologically? Will he remain in politics?

Before we talk about Modi’s horoscope beyond 2024, let us take a look at how things will pan out in the coming four years. The horoscope given below is widely accepted to be correct and made for 17/09/1950 at 10.59.29 in Mehsana Gujarat. The present Maha Dasha is of Moon which is placed in her […] Read more

Yearly Report Astro

How is the year 2020 for you?

Of the nine planets that Vedic astrology acknowledges and uses, three planets that matter the most are Jupiter, Saturn, and Rahu. The first two are massive planets but Rahu is a mathematical point that is treated as a planet. Rahu is the point at which the orbit of the Moon around earth intersects with the […] Read more


What is the future of Arvind Kejriwal in the coming Delhi state elections in February 2020?

Legislative Assembly elections will be held in Delhi in February 2020 to elect seventy members of the Delhi Legislative Assembly. Arvind Kejriwal is the face of the Aam Admi Party in India. In this article, we shall take a look at his horoscope to ascertain the election results. Arvind Kejriwal was born with Taurus Ascendant and Nakshatra at birth was Krittaka which […] Read more

How astrology works?

Vedic philosophy mentions the existence of three bodies for each living being. These are called the Causal body (Karan Sharira) astral body (Sooksham Sharira), and our flesh and bone body called Sthool Sharira. At the very core, there is the Causal body which is enveloped by the Astral body which in turn is enveloped by […] Read more

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