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What is the future of Arvind Kejriwal in the coming Delhi state elections in February 2020?

Legislative Assembly elections will be held in Delhi in February 2020 to elect seventy members of the Delhi Legislative Assembly. Arvind Kejriwal is the face of the Aam Admi Party in India. In this article, we shall take a look at his horoscope to ascertain the election results. Arvind Kejriwal was born with Taurus Ascendant and Nakshatra at birth was Krittaka which […] Read more

How Vedic philosophy looks at the creation Part-I

Vedas are the repositories of knowledge. This knowledge was revealed to the Rishis or the ascended masters in their heightened state of self-awareness. Since it was heard from the source it is called Shruti in Sanskrit. (Shruti = heard). Time destroys everything. Indeed in Sanskrit language, time and death are synonyms. They are both known […] Read more


How astrology works?

Vedic philosophy mentions the existence of three bodies for each living being. These are called the Causal body (Karan Sharira) astral body (Sooksham Sharira), and our flesh and bone body called Sthool Sharira. At the very core, there is the Causal body which is enveloped by the Astral body which in turn is enveloped by […] Read more


Time, is it cyclic or linear? Part-II

Yuga system The Indian concept of time is cyclical in nature. All systems, ideas and events have a beginning a mid point and an end. Nothing is everlasting in the visible universe that we see all around us. The human intellect is limited in its scope and often assumes that a  smoothly or chaotically functioning […] Read more


Time, is it Cyclical or Linear? – A fresh look at the ancient Vedic Yug system

Part 1 The primer In Sanskrit, the language of ancient India, time and death are synonymous and called Kaal. If we examine this closely, we find that it is not a coincidence. Time indeed actually means decay and death. Everything decays with time and dies once its life span is over. History abounds with civilizations […] Read more


How do some people become so extremely wealthy?

Vedic Astrology and great wealth The mere thought of great wealth brings a gleam into the eyes of every one of us. Everyone wants it but few are blessed with it. In this article we shall take a detailed look at what brings the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi into one’s life. There may be readers […] Read more

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