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Yogi Aditya Nath – can he achieve the PM’s post in India?

Highlights and salient features

Lagna Lord Sun is placed in the tenth house along with second lord Mercury. Sun is the ruler of the solar system and his placement in the tenth house of status and ruling powers indicates a high status and enjoyment of the ruling powers. Mercury is the lord of the second house which is also the house of ruling powers. This combination in the tenth house indicates that the person will always have a high status and rule over others.

Sun and Mercury combination in the tenth house also give rise to Budh-Aditya Yog which gives a razor-sharp brain that is capable of going to the heart of a problem and finding a solution for it.

There is an exchange of the tenth and eleventh lords. Tenth lord Venus is placed in the eleventh house along with Yogakarak Mars. This combination indicates that the Purva Punya of preceding lives will help at just the right moment to elevate the status of the individual. The eleventh lord Venus is placed in the tenth house.

Mars is a Yogakaraka planet and he also owns the fourth house of the common man or the electorate in a democracy. The placement of Mars in the house of gains is a strong indication that support of the people will be key in his political career. It is the presence of Mars in the eleventh house along with the placement of Sun-Mercury in the tenth house which has helped him to be elected to the Parliament from Gorakhpur for five consecutive terms (in 1998, 1999, 2004, 2009, and 2014 elections). It must be kept in mind that he was the youngest Lok Sabha member at the age of just 26.

Role of Saturn and Moon. Saturn is primarily the seventh lord as Mool Trikon Rashi falls in the seventh house. Saturn is a Kendra Lord placed in a Kendra. A planet in Kendra gives neutral results. Saturn is only 86% strong in Shad Bal and decidedly weak. His strength in the Shodash Varga is however is high at 118%. The Isht and Kasht ratio of Saturn is adverse at 5.91/54.09. Saturn is the lord of the house of relationship and its weakness implies that the person will not marry.

Moon the twelfth lord is placed in the seventh house. The presence of the Moon in the house of relationships is not good no matter what the Lagna. It creates problems in the relationship. In Yogi Ji’s case, It is a boon for a Sanyasi who has renounced the world.

  • Saturn is the Karak for the electorate in a politician’s chart and its weakness can have an impact on the public support in a democracy. In this case, however, a very strong fourth lord Mars sitting in the eleventh takes up the slack quite well as Yogi Ji has never lost an election so far.
  • The fifth house is the house of wisdom, the ability to give the right advice, children, and speculation. This house has Jupiter sitting in his Mool Trikon Rashi Sagittarius. Jupiter is exalted in the Navamsa Chart. The planet of wisdom and spirituality in the house of wisdom and Poorva Punya is the most important feature of this chart. This underpins Dharma as the guiding force in every decision that is made. Since the fifth house rules over speculation also, the decision to establish a stock exchange in UP does not come as a surprise.

Ruling powers in the Chart

As mentioned earlier, Lagna Lord Sun and second lord Mercury in a union in the tenth house and exchange of the tenth and eleventh lords constitutes a strong Raj Yoga.

The placement of the fifth lord in his Mool Trikon Rashi always creates an excellent Raj Yoga. Here Jupiter is placed in Sagittarius so yoga is strong. Jupiter is exalted in the Navamsa chart so the yoga becomes even stronger.

The role of Rahu. The sixth house rules over everything we do not want. The sixth house denotes overt enemies, competition, loans, litigation, and disease.

Rahu is a planet of separation. It separates one from the results of the house he sits in and the house lord he combines with. The placement of Rahu in the sixth house, therefore, destroys both the competition and the enemies. Defeating Yogi Ji is never going to be an easy task.

The next elections for UP assembly seats will be held during the February March period of 2022. The Dasha Bhukti running in Yogi Ji’s chart is Ketu-Saturn-Jupiter

Saturn is close to the Sun and hence unfavorable. This is bound to create many problems for him during the campaign. He may be backstabbed by his supporters in the BJP.

Jupiter is very strongly placed in the chart. He is exalted in the Navamsa Kundali and placed in his Mool Trikon Rashi in the chart. He blesses Yogakarka Mars and the tenth lord Venus with his seventh house aspect.

His fifth house aspect on the ninth house occupier by sign Aries gives two benefits. It nourishes Mars and it brings the best fortune to the native. There should not be any problem winning the majority in UP.

Let us also take a look at the poll prospects from Chandra Kundali.

Ketu is placed in the sixth house where he gives the best results. Saturn is placed in a friendly Rashi in the fourth house. The ninth lord Venus and the tenth house lord Mars are both placed together in the fifth house while Jupiter blesses both from the eleventh house.  

Combining the results from the Janma and the Chandra Kundali, it becomes clear that the chances of Yogi Ji becoming the CM of UP once again are very high.

The Transit

In the birth chart, transit Jupiter passes through the seventh house while Saturn transits the sixth house. Their combined aspects fall on the third house of leadership and victory. The combined energies of Saturn and Jupiter on the same house indicate that he will be victorious.

Can he become the next PM?

Venus Mahadasha begins in Yogi Ji’s Kundali on 20/11/2024. Venus is the lord of the tenth house and creates an exchange Yoga with the eleventh lord Mercury. From this period onward, he becomes a strong contender for the highest political post.

Venus-Venus-Jupiter runs from 1/08/2026 to 11/01/2027 and could elevate him to the coveted post of the PM of India.

Venus Mahadasha runs until 20/11/2044 and it would be the most productive period of his life.



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