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Will Taurus natives finally heave a sigh of relief from Ashtama Shani after the 24th January 2020 or the continuity of Jupiter Ketu in their 8th house will keep things at low until November 2020?

Taurus natives have indeed been hit hard due to the transit of Saturn through their eighth house for the past thirty months. This has been a difficult and challenging period for them professionally, financially and healthwise.

On 24/01/2020 Saturn finally leaves the eighth house and transits to the ninth house. This is a good transit for mainly two reasons. One, because Saturn is no longer in his second-worst house and also because Saturn will now be transiting his own sign Capricorn for the next thirty months. Any planet when transiting his own Rashi, Mool Trikon Rashi or Uccha (exaltation) Rashi gains strength. When that happens both Rashis owned by that planet gain.

For Taurus Ascendant, Saturn owns the ninth and the tenth houses. For this reason, he becomes a Yog Karak – or unalloyed benefic – for Taurus.

The ninth house is the house of Poorv Punya, father, religion, spirituality and the Guru or preceptor. As Saturns ventures deeper into this sign, he will nourish all these areas through his energy. Affairs of the father will improve and the good fortune will be working in your favor. There will be a distinct leaning towards religion and spirituality. You have often asked your self the question “why me?” in the past two and a half years. Now you will try to find the answer to this question in earnest. If your Poorv Punya is so inclined, you may even find a Guru.

Saturn’s transit through the ninth house will also add strength to the tenth house which rules over profession and business. There will definitely be some improvement in your professional status as well.

Jupiter remains in the eighth house in his Mool Trikon sign and it is not a bad place to be. The eighth house is the house of Moksha, and Jupiter who is the planet of wisdom and spirituality is transiting it. It can only be good for you. Benefit from a legacy is possible as Jupiter owns the eleventh house of gains as well.

The transit of Ketu is definitely a thorn in the backside – literally and figuratively. The possibility of developing hemorrhoids exists though its confirmation can come only from the analysis of the birth chart.

Ketu can cause accidents when transiting the eighth house. Be careful when driving or crossing the streets. If you do not know how to handle a weapon, do not even touch it.

Ketu promotes spirituality in the three Moksha houses of which the eighth house is the second. With Ketu and Jupiter in the eighth and Saturn in the ninth, who knows what kind of an epiphany you might be blessed with?

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