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Will Arvind Kejriwal win 2017 Punjab elections?

The Election Commission of India has declared that Punjab will go to elections in February 2017. The ruling SAD-BJP government, led by Chief minister Parkash Singh Badal, will face voters five years after coming back to power in 2012. The chief contenders are going to be Akali Dal, Congress and Aam Aadmi Party.

In this Blog we shall consider the future of Arvind Arvind kejriwal in Punjab in the light of coming elections. His birth chart is given below.

Arvind Kejriwal chart

Arvind kejriwal was born in the last quarter of Krittika Nakshatra. Krittika produces very intelligent persons. The problem is that they are fickle minded and change their views and their goals rather frequently. they flit like butterfly from one goal to another without weighing up the advantages or disadvantages of their actions. Boredom with the project in hand is their main enemy. They dislike even a little encroachment on their ego and freedom. Any relationship that affects their ego and freedom will not last long. Being intelligent they make good advisors to others but when it comes to advising themselves they are utter failures.       

they are determined, energetic and tenacious people and do not take no for an answer easily. They have the ability to make huge amounts of money but more often than not their possessions are not spectacular. This stems from their deep-seated desire to remain self-reliant and not take obligations and help from others. The important thing to remember is that whatever they do, they do honestly, and without using unfair means.

They have an innate desire to serve humanity but often fall flat on their face while pursuing these philanthropic dreams. The reasons for this are clear; they will not crook their finger, nor allow others to do so. Their supporters who are there for self-promotion slowly squeeze them out. Their sincerity causes their downfall, and causes frustration to build up. This frustration leads to anger that keeps on accumulating and explodes one day. Once they explode they become dangerous as they do not know when to stop.

They are however able to earn fame and recognition in public life despite the problems listed above. They are unable to change according to the circumstances. This is their main weakness. They march to their own tune and wish that others will follow them, meanwhile they keep the right of changing tunes to themselves.

Electoral battle

Fighting elections is essentially about grabbing ruling powers and all the privileges that go with it. The only difference compared to just a hundred years ago is that while in earlier battles the soldiers lost their lives trying to grab power, in the present times they only lose their votes.

Six houses in astrology have a close connection with power. These are the Lagna, the second house, the fourth house, the seventh house, the ninth house and the tenth house. We shall now study these houses closely.


The Lagna is the foundation of the horoscope and the most important house. It is so because it depicts the individual, his thought process and his personality. A horoscope may be bristling with Raj Yogs but if the Lagna is weak nothing good can happen to the individual. The most sumptuous meal is valueless for a person who has weak digestion. A strong Lagna on the other hand can overcome all adversities with aplomb.

Lagna is Arvind kejriwal’s chart is very strong; primarily because the Janma and Chandra Lagna are the same. The good and bad things in life will come with great force. In addition third lord Moon is exalted in the Lagna. Moon represents the mind and in this chart the leadership ability. Exalted Moon gives a strong mind and an ability to lead.

Venus becomes the lord of the Lagna and is placed in the fourth house in Leo. This placement is however deceptive because in the Chalit Kundli Venus is placed in Neech state in the fifth house. It is true that Neech Bhang exists but it done by Mercury which is weak in Shad Bal. Venus is not at all favorable and will not give beneficial results. The overall results of the Lagna are moderately positive.

The second house

This governs ruling powers, accumulated wealth and the quality of speech. The house gets a strength of 446 units which is adequate. The second lord Mercury is weak in Shad Bal with only 97% of required strength. The only good thing about Mercury is his ratio of desirable/undesirable results which is okay. In the Chalit Bhav Mercury is placed in the fifth house in exaltation and Rahu aspects it. This suggests that the speech will not be very impressive and be rather plebeian. Mercury overall gives positive results. This suggests that Arvind kejriwal will be blessed with ruling powers and accumulate a fair amount of wealth. This advantage is however not sufficient enough to keep him in power over a prolonged period.

Fourth house

The fourth house is a very important house in a politician’s chart because it pertains to the common man or the average voter. A politician without a strong fourth house is merely going to be a party functionary without having a grass root support. These are the people who are brought into the public office through the Rajya Sabha route. A strong fourth house is essential to have grass root support. The fourth house in Arvind kejriwal’s chart is very strong suggesting that he will have a strong support base.

Fourth lord Sun is placed at zero degrees and twenty nine minutes. It is not capable of giving its full beneficial results. Sun is overall favorable. Sun is the Karak or significator of ruling powers and governance. The strength of Sun is not adequate to keep Arvind kejriwal in power over an extended period. It will be very difficult for him to repeat his performance in Delhi – even in Delhi.

The seventh house

This house relates to relationships. In an individual’s chart it shows the strength and character of his relationships. In a larger sense it also depicts how one relates to the people around him. It can also be called the house of public relations. This along with the fourth house determines the image one has in the public. It shows the public perception of a person.

The seventh house is weak and shows that relationships are not beneficial and lasting. The seventh house is ruled by Mars which is placed in Neech Awastha in the third house. Mars however achieves complete Neech Bhang and becomes favorable. The ratio of desirable/undesirable results in the case of Mars is completely vitiated. Rahu aspects Mars, as well as the seventh house and being a separatist planet tends to spoil all relationships.  Arvind kejriwal is going to face serious problems connected to public image and his personal life.

The ninth house

Ninth house is connected to religion, spirituality, higher knowledge, wisdom, fortune, philosophy, favors from government, righteousness and kingdom. This house is weak and shows that Arvind kejriwal gives scant attention to everything that is mentioned above.

Ninth Lord Saturn is Neech in the Lagna as well as Navansh chart. Additionally it is placed in the twelfth house of loss, misfortunes, imprisonment, inferiority complex and self undoing. Saturn is not favorable at all and tends to eclipse his career. It is this 12th house placement of Saturn that did not allow Arvind kejriwal to rise in the hierarchy of his job as an Income Tax officer.

Saturn becomes the lord of both ninth and tenth houses and in a politician’s chart this is the last place one wants his ninth and tenth lord to be.

The tenth house

The tenth house represents kingdom, ruling powers, government, governance, reputation and fame. This is the most important house in a politician’s chart. It is absolutely imperative that this house and its Lord be very strong. If both these conditions are not met the person will not be able to attain power; in case he does grab it he won’t retain it for long.  The tenth house in Arvind Kejriwal’s chart is really weak with just 372 units of strength. The tenth lord Saturn is also weak as it is placed in the twelfth house and in Janma and Neech in Navamsa chart.

The situation prevalent in the ninth and tenth houses does not generate much hope for the political future of Arvind Kejriwal.

Discussion of Dashamsha chart

Arvind Dashamsha chart

Dashamsha chart or D-10 is the most important divisional chart when assessing the profession of an individual. Tenth house denotes the highest level a man can rise to while D-10 gives an insight into the promises of the tenth house. One can call D-10 an X-ray of the tenth house. When analyzing D-10 we look at the placement of Lagna lord and tenth lord in Dashamsh chart. We then look at the Lagna and tenth lord of the Dashamsh chart. Finally we look at Sun and Saturn which represent the ruling and serving classes.

Venus the Lagna Lord is placed in the twelfth house in D-10 along with Neech Jupiter. This is a definite problem right there that restricts the growth of career. Saturn the tenth lord in the birth chart is placed in Neech state along with Rahu in the third house in D-10. This indicates a sudden shock and an end to the career in politics.

The Lagna Lord of D-10 is Saturn and as said above is placed Neech with Rahu. This is a really bad situation for Arvind kejriwal. The tenth lord of D-10 is Mars and it is placed in Neech awastha in the sixth house of the Dashamsha chart. This does not show any rise in career.

In D-10 Sun is placed in the seventh house in its own house. This indicates that Arvind kejriwal shall remain in politics as a nominal figure for some time. Saturn is placed Neech and indicates that people will become disillusioned with him rather soon and his following shall decline.

The last elections  took place on seventh February 2015. The Dasha Bhukti running that day was Jupiter-Sun-Ketu-Ketu-Ketu. Jupiter is a neutral planet for Arvind kejriwal. Sun is favorable as mentioned above and on the polling day was very helpful in getting the votes of the common man for the AAP. Ketu is placed in the fifth house which is ruled by Mercury. Being a shadow planet it acted as Mercury who is the lord of the second and fifth houses. We have analyzed Mercury above and it comes out as a favorable planet. The net result was therefore very satisfying for Arvind kejriwal.

The coming elections in Punjab will be fought in February 2017. The Dasha-Bhukti running at that time is Jupiter-Mars-Mercury and runs from 20/1 to 9/3/2017. Jupiter is not very helpful. Mars is decidedly unfavorable, while Mercury is somewhat favorable. Arvind Kejriwal’s performance will be lackluster in Punjab. All the projections of a huge win will be denied. The story however does not end there. Jupiter-Rahu begins on 7/7/2017 and runs until 18/11/2019. Rahu is connected to Neech Saturn in Chalit and Dashamsha chart. This period shall see a steady unraveling of AAP until the end of 2019. Saturn Mahadasha begins on 18/11/2019 and will finish the political career of Arvind kejriwal. There is no doubt about that.

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