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Why is 12/8/2016 important?

Why is 12/8/2016 important?

On 12/8/2016 Jupiter transits from Leo to Virgo. This ends the Jupiter-Rahu union which began on 16/1/2016 and has continued for almost eight months. Jupiter represents light, spirituality, devotion to God, universities and Vedic culture. He also represents treasure vaults, banks, insurance companies and Gold.

In humans, Jupiter represents masculinity and rules over southeast direction.

Rahu represents darkness. Rahu is female, malefic, unemotional and physically dirty. She represents corruption, epidemics, materialism, and people with low thinking. She also represents foreign travel. The parts of body ruled by Rahu are skin and blood. Her affliction causes diseases like cholera, small pox, leprosy, epilepsy, blood poisoning, malaria and plague. Rahu is a shadow planet and behaves like Saturn. She is a separatist planet and tends to separate a person from the effects of a house in which she is placed. The same results occur when Rahu is connected to a planet. Rahu represents Islam in Vedic astrology.

Jupiter and Rahu are exact opposite of each other. Their coming together in one sign gives rise to Guru Chandal Yog. Guru means the spiritual teacher and Chandal means a person who cremates dead bodies.

This Yog envelopes the light of Jupiter with the darkness of Rahu and tends to push a person away from the path of righteous behavior. It is the time when unethical short cuts and fraudulent schemes become appealing and attractive to a person. The results of Guru Chandal Yog are also dependent upon the sign in which the Yog is taking place. The present Guru Chandal Yog has been in effect in Leo for the past eight months. Sun is the ruler of Leo and Jupiter-Rahu union has been having an effect on all things represented by Sun.

One interesting effect of Jupiter-Rahu union has been the strident and vociferous stand of leftist media on every issue connected to Vedic culture. People and symbols of Hindu religion have been viciously attacked by media owned by Middle Eastern countries. A premeditated and planned campaign mounted on cow protection and beef ban has also been the result of this Yog.

One of the major weaknesses of Hinduism as we know is its caste system. It is a dinosaur which still exists. This rift has also been exploited for all it is worth by the foreign owned media.

As mentioned above, Jupiter-Rahu Yog has a direct bearing on Sun also as Rahu and sun are mortal enemies. Sun represents the government and governance. Both have come under consistent attack by anti India forces. Small insignificant incidences have been blown out of proportion to serve vested interests. The government has been kept under siege in and out of parliament.

The future after 12/8/2016

Rahu keeps moving backwards towards Cancer while Jupiter moves forward into Virgo. He is now free from the darkening embrace of Rahu. Expect a significant growth in foreign investment. The foreign currency reserves are set to grow bigger. Banking reforms will make the Reserve bank reduce the lending rates which will push economic growth and bring much awaited relief to middle class. Implementation of GST will also take place enthusiastically.

Make in India will now get moving forward. The frame works is complete and the participants are ready. We can safely expect some major developments in this area.

Jupiter has a close connection with places of learning and universities. The government will invest huge amounts of money in developing more IITs, IIMs and Medical colleges to provide quality education to young people.

A scheme to use the huge amount of gold held by the people will be introduced and be partially successful. The government may be forced to look at the misuse of the temple earnings by state government for supporting minority institutions. A bill to this effect may be brought in the parliament.

Jupiter symbolizes Hindutwa which is set to become stronger. The majority population shall now become more aware of itself and recognize the incessant attacks that it has been facing from minority religions. As Jupiter moves forward, VHP and other more militant Hindu organizations will get increased support from the population. They will also become more active. This can cause a headache for the government. The demand for Ram Janma Bhoomi temple in Ayodhya will reach its peak and the construction will begin before the year is over.

Jupiter will move to Virgo ruled by Mercury. The first Nakshatra in Virgo is Uttara Phalguni and ruled by Sun. We can safely expect India to enlarge its area of influence in southeast Asia. Relations with Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines are set to become firm. Some major defense agreements might be signed by 28/9/2016.

From 28/9/2016 to 4/12/2016 Jupiter will pass through Hast Nakshatra ruled by Moon. A serious clash along border with Pakistan can set alarm bells ringing all across the world. India will spare no effort to strengthen its defense forces.

The first, fourth, fifth and ninth houses of the Indian independence chart get illuminated by the combined energies of Jupiter and Saturn in 2016-2017. This indicates that India will emerge as a stronger and more assertive state in the coming year. Some territorial disputes with neighbors may need to be solved through the use of force. India will be able to use its intellectual capital to indigenize many complex manufacturing processes.

Summing up despite hiccups, the future is good for India.

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