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What is the future of Modi post-2024, astrologically? Will he remain in politics?

Before we talk about Modi’s horoscope beyond 2024, let us take a look at how things will pan out in the coming four years. The horoscope given below is widely accepted to be correct and made for 17/09/1950 at 10.59.29 in Mehsana Gujarat.

Namo Kundli

The present Maha Dasha is of Moon which is placed in her Neech Rashi in Lagna but gets a complete Neech Bhang. When this happens a planet becomes very capable of giving favorable results.

In this Kundali the Lagna and the Chandra Kundali are identical. When this happens the events in one’s life happen with twice the intensity.

The moon becomes the lord of the ninth house and represents the good fortune. She represents divine help, sudden events of good or bad nature, religion, spirituality, and higher knowledge. Ninth house represents favors from government, wisdom, fortune, philosophy, and pilgrimage to holy places. The circulation of money, the mother’s illness, business dealings with foreigners or foreign countries are also seen from the ninth house. The Moon also represents places of worship, righteousness, and kingdom.

Moon’s placement in the Lagna indicates that all factors mentioned above-become very important to the individual. Moon’s Mahadash implies that steps will be taken to achieve objectives in these directions in the coming years.

Moon is placed with the Lagna lord Mars and the union of the Lagna and the ninth lords generates a powerful Raj Yoga. The energy of Mars combined with the Budhhi of Moon provides the impetus for the right actions. Why only the right actions? Because Moon as the ninth lord represents spirituality and positive thinking. This combined with the razor-sharp intelligence of the Budh-Aditya Yog becomes the driving force of the Moon Mahadasha.

The Anrtardasha is of Venus which becomes the lord of the seventh and twelfth houses but primarily gives the results of the seventh house. Placement of the seventh lord Venus in the tenth indicates diplomatic successes.

The third level Dasha is of Saturn which is the lord of the fourth house in the birth chart and placed in the tenth house. Saturn is Ast or combusted as he is placed very close to Sun. Saturn period started on 24/10 2019 and ends on 27/01/2020. This period has been rather insipid for obvious reasons.

Saturn period gives way to the Mercury period from 27/01/2020 to 21 /04/2020. This period will bring the pop, snap and crackle back into Narendra Modi’s life.

Saturn transits to the third house in the Chandra Kundali and begins to give excellent results in the areas of leadership, elan, ability to put one’s point across to the masses and victory in one’s career. This period lasts for thirty months.

Transit Jupiter’s presence in the second house ensures that the ruling powers in his chart remain strong right until the end of 2020.

The real deal, however, starts with the advent of the Sun Antardasha from 26/05/2020 to 22/11/2020 and beyond. The sluggish economy will begin its take-off run, lift its nose and fly again. A slew of bills that have a far-reaching impact on this country’s demography, economy and welfare will be brought to the parliament and passed in both houses.

A long-simmering dispute with our western neighbor may be comprehensively decided around this time for good.

The Mahadasha of Lagna Lord Mars begins to operate on 22/11/2020 and runs until 17/10 2027. This period will mark the zenith of Narendra Modi’s career. He, along with his allies will win the 2024 elections with an unprecedented win which may surpass the victory of Rajiv Gandhi in 1984 with 404 seats.

Mars Mahadasha gives way to the Mahadasha of Rahu on 17/10/2027 and it is around this time that Namo will decide to step down and make way for a younger colleague. He may take ‘Sanyas’ from active politics and assume the role of an advisor. For all practical purposes, he will renounce the world of politics.

Rajiv Sethi


Written:  Sunday, December 29, 2019

Faridabad Haryana

This article is the intellectual property of Rajiv Sethi and is protected under © copyright 2018. No part of this article can be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the author. Violation will be pursued to the full extent of the law.


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