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What happens if the 7th lord sits in the 2nd house?

The seventh house lord sitting in the second house is never good. It always causes friction in the marriage. If the seventh lord gets exalted in the second house – Mithun Lagna for example – then too, it creates problems. One partner becomes dominant and wants to control the marriage causing resentment in the other partner. The reason for this is clear. the second is the eighth house from seventh and any lord going to the eighth house is unable to give his best results. That said, it does not write the obituary for the marriage. Marriage comes into trouble when the three separatist planets, Sun, Saturn and Rahu afflict the seventh house, its lord, and planet Jupiter which is the Karak for marriage. If the separatist influences mount up the divorce will be a certainty. Lesser affliction makes people suffer a bad marriage together. They quarrel, eschew sex but keep living under the same roof. It is always a good idea to judge the Bhava, the lord and the Karak separately, gather the evidence of all three and then pronounce the judgment.


Rajiv Sethi

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