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Trump or Clinton? who’s the next president?

USA go to the polls on November eighth 2016. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are locked in a fight to become the 45th president of the United States. Let us take a look at their horoscopes and see what their future holds for them.

President ship of US is the control and use of ultimate power. The houses that indicate such power in a birth chart are the first, second, ninth and the tenth. Of these tenth house is the most important. One more thing, for a person to be able to exercise ultimate power Sun needs to be powerful in the birth chart.

We shall also look at the planetary transit during November 2016 for both candidates to see which one is helped by a favorable tail wind.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary has a strong first and second house. Her ninth house is extremely powerful but the tenth is equally weak. Her Sun is not overly helpful.

On the day of elections she is running the Dasha of Sun-Jupiter-Mars. All three planets are unhelpful. Her Jupiter transits the unfavorable eighth house from Moon while Saturn transits the unhelpful tenth house. There is no help coming from the transit.

Trump has extremely powerful first and second houses. His ninth and tenth houses are also very strong. Sun which is the

Donald Trump

ultimate arbiter of ruling power is placed very strongly in the tenth house.

Dasha running in Trump’s chart on the day of election is Jupiter-Jupiter-Moon. Both planets are very helpful.

Jupiter transits the very favorable ninth house from Moon while Saturn transits the equally helpful eleventh house from Moon. These are excellent transits and guarantee victory.

Summing up, victory of Donald Trump is a certainty. He will become the 45th president of the United States of America.


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