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Transit of Jupiter and Saturn in 2016 Part – III. Life tips from hinduvedicastro.in

Jupiter and Saturn are massive and slow moving planets. Their transit through Zodiac affects us profoundly. Read on to know how they make us enjoy or suffer life. Please leave your comments in the comment section

Saturn has been transiting through Scorpio since 2/11/2016. Saturn became retrograde on 25/3/2016 and he shall remain so until 13/8/2016. Saturn transits Scorpio until 26/1/2017 when he transits to Sagittarius in the evening at 19.28.

Sade Sati considerations until 26/1/2017

For Tula Rashi, this is the last phase of Sade Sati. It will end on 26/1/2017. For them the last two and a half years are the worst.

For Scorpio Rashi, the Sade Sati is in its middle. For them the middle two and a half years are the worst.

For Sagittarius Rashi the Sade Sati is in the first stage. For them the first two and a half years are the worst.

How Saturn affects the twelve signs while transiting Scorpio?

Aries: From beginning of 2016 to 19/2/2016 Mars aspects Aries. Jupiter too aspects this sign with beneficial results. Financial gains and enhancement of status are indicated. New avenues for growth open during this phase. From 20/2/ to 17/6/ and again between 12/7 to 17/9 Mars – Saturn union in Scorpio causes domestic problems. It also increases financial difficulties and health problems.

Taurus: Saturn aspects this sign throughout the year. From 20/2/ to 17/6/ and again between 12/7 to 17/9 Mars – Saturn union in Scorpio causes problems. Jupiter too becomes inimical from 11/8 to 31/12. The combined results are unfavorable for finance and career. The silver lining is Saturn’s Copper Paya which tends to give benefits of a vehicle, gains of money and new avenues for growth.

Gemini: Saturn transits the sixth house and helps with finances despite tough circumstances. From 20/2/ to 17/6/ and again between 12/7 to 17/9 Mars – Saturn union in Scorpio causes anger and agitation. Saturn’s Paya is silver so finances and acquisition of a vehicle are indicated.

Cancer: Saturn in the fifth house brings obstacles in every plan and project. Possibility of a trauma due to an accident exists. Saturn’s Paya is Iron domestic and financial problems are indicated.

Leo: Saturn aspect Leo and Rahu too transits it. The combined results are bad for business and profession. Delays and wasted efforts cause frustrations. Money supply gets restricted. Jupiter transits Leo until tenth August and helps out by negating Saturn’s results. Sudden gains are possible.

Virgo: Saturn travels through the third house and gives boost to your self-confidence and leadership qualities. Purchase of a vehicle is likely. Saturn’s Paya is however Golden and this has a tendency to cause unexpected expenses. Mental and physical distress is likely.

Libra: This sign remains under the final stage of Sade Sati. Domestic and financial challenges are likely to keep you tense. Saturn’s Paya is of silver so gains of money, vehicle and physical happiness are promised.

Scorpio: Sade Sati causes very difficult and challenging situations. Physical ailments, financial distress and obstacles in all projects keep you worried. Saturn has Paya of iron which only increases your woes.

Sagittarius: Saturn Sade Sati effects exist but Jupiter’s beneficial aspect until 10/8/2016 keeps situation under control. You earn enough money to tide over all expenses despite obstacles. Saturn has Paya of Copper so good results like financial gains and opportunities for progress are available throughout the year.

Capricorn: Saturn aspects the Rashi throughout the year and beyond until 26/1/2017. Your hard work is rewarded and benefits like gains of money and new growth opportunities accrue to you. Saturn has the Paya of silver so money comes to you despite delays.

Aquarius:  Saturn is placed in the tenth house and Ketu transits the sign. Money squeeze causes problem connected to home and career. Saturn has Paya of gold so bad health and distress through enemies is indicated. Domestic squabbles and quarrels create mental tension. Jupiter aspects this sign until 10/8/2016 so enough money is available to tide over all expenses.

Pisces: Saturn transits the ninth house so future projects are troubled by delays and hindrances. Low income and high expenditure causes mental distress. Saturn has Paya of iron so you can expect tight finances and unexpected expenses.

For predictions about twelve signs after 26/1/2026 when Saturn enters Sagittarius, read Jupiter and Saturn Transits 2016-17

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