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The lessons this life has taught me.

During my sixty five years spent on this earth, I have reached the following conclusions. You are welcome to accept or reject these.

1.   A man driven by ambition alone and not supported by a strong horoscope is like a man riding a lame horse.

2.    Lessons of past life Karma are taught relentlessly. There is no point in blaming God. ‘Why me’ is a stupid question. None of us was thinking of him when we were hurting others in our previous lives.

3.    God is a neutral umpire. He does not interfere with our game plan. He only adds up the points we score and presents us with a report.

4.    Our present Karmic script was written by us in our previous lives. Since we wrote it, we can also erase by doing opposite of what we did. If you are sick, medicine will help to an extent. Donating medicine to those who are really poor is the only remedy that works every time.

5.    This three dimensional world is the media player which plays the files of our past life Karma and produces a comedy or a tragedy, a success or a failure. There is no point in over rejoicing or over despondency. The sine curves will keep repeating. Maintain your distance.

6.    Giving up and committing suicide is pointless. Suicide is only the pause button on the 3D player. In your next life the movie will begin from exactly where it was paused. There is no escaping bad Karma.

7.    Unless it is an exalted soul, the first thirty five years of life are a learning curve. The trick is to employ the lessons learned for inner growth in the rest of the life. Running after objects that are bound to be left behind is counterproductive.

8.    Happiness, health, wealth and power are to be cherished only in that order. Misplaced emphasis is bound to destroy everything.

9.    Our brain is the hardware; the mind is the software which was given to us to sustain the conversation between mind and soul going. Don’t allow this conversation to stop. Soul is omniscient, daily conversation with it provides unerring instructions to reach the goal.

10.    To give in to the senses is a folly. Sense of touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight need to be used judiciously. One mistake and they can hijack the mind away.

11.    Life is a journey. It is best traveled by keeping head high, eyes open and the mouth firmly shut. And yes, keep the mind-soul dialogue going every day. That is the GPS that is never wrong.

What is your opinion? Please share in the comment box.


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