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The effect of the Lunar Eclipse on all signs.

The first lunar eclipse will be occurring today on Magh Purnima on 31/01/2018. The total duration of eclipse from start to finish will be 187 minutes. The event will start at 5.35 pm, it will be at its peak at 7 pm and will end at 8.42 pm.

All temples will remain closed as the Sutak or inauspicious time starts at 8.35 am.

This eclipse will be unfavorable for Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Pisces and Aries. (कर्क, सिंह, वृश्चिक, धनु, मीन, मेष राशि)

Aries:  Arians will feel disturbed by the fear of a disease. Mental anxiety due to other reasons shall also prevail.

Taurus: This eclipse will bring positive results for the Taurus born. They will get enhanced  fame and respect from people.

Gemini: Gemini born shall face financial losses. They have to be careful when investing, lending and borrowing .

Cancer: Injury and discomfort are quite likely. chances of meeting with an accident exist. General losses will cause unhappiness.

Leo: Excessive expenditure  leads to financial losses. Bad health causes anxiety.

Virgo: For the Virgo born, this lunar eclipse brings financial gains and a rise in social status.

Libra: Libra born too get good results and shall experience increase in happiness, prosperity and financial gains.

Scorpio: All scorpions should be on guard against insulting behavior of rivals. Infamy and accidents are likely.

Sagittarius:  Bad health, mental anxiety, accidents and conspiracy of opponents are likely to make you very unhappy.

Capricorn and Aquarius : People born in both these signs will experience success, happiness and make new friends that prove helpful. Enemies will face defeat.

Pisces: Pisces born shall face mix results. There will be financial gains which will be tempered by somewhat bad health and anxiety.

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