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Tenth house mars and how it impacts you – Libra and Scorpio

Mars is a fast moving, energetic and fiery planet, which also has the potential to cause injury. He is the lord of two zodiac signs Aries and Scorpio. These rule over the head and scrotum area in the body of Kal Purush or the legendry human being.

Mars becomes exalted in Capricorn which is the tenth sign of the zodiac. This is interesting as Capricorn is ruled by his arch enemy Saturn. It signifies that through determination and valor one can conquer all enemies and fly the flag of domination over them.

The tenth house represents religious deeds, ruling powers given by government, social status, honor, deliberate actions and wealth of father. The tenth house also represents the knees of the Kal Purush.

Mars has been designated as one of the Karak planets of the tenth house and his influence there is considered good for professional prospects of an individual. In this article we shall examine all Lagna from Aries to Pisces and find out what promises does Mars hold for each of these. In the previous Blog we analyzed Aries and Taurus. In this Blog Leo and Virgo


Mars becomes the lord of the second and seventh houses for Libra Ascendant, but according to the rules laid down by Parashar, he primarily gives the results of the seventh house.

A strong Mars gives wealth and a long living wife. Manual dexterity and logical thinking are also the gifts of a strong Mars. One gains from in-laws and is particularly happy in his youth. Weak Mars gives losses through bad advice and bad judgment in business. The spouse in such cases is short lived. The mode of death of wife will be determined by planets afflicting Mars.

Mars in the tenth house gets an individual respect from even elders and superiors. Learned and logical, he and becomes wealthy through self effort. If Sun and Moon are placed in strength a person will have a number of profitable businesses. The business may be connected to foreign travel. One may own a travel agency or even an airline.

There is a marked interest in philosophical studies and one may deliver discourses on it. The Nakshatra held by Mars determines the nature and source of earnings. Affliction to Mars reverses everything mentioned above.


For Scorpio ascendant Mars becomes the owner of ascendant and the sixth house. One is generally aggressive, self willed and not much interested in walking the straight and the narrow path. Not much persuasion – if any – is required to use unfair means to achieve the desired end.

A strong Mars gives victory over enemies. He also gives happiness from parents and many brothers. One is well built, materialistic, well behaved and fair looking. Rich, happy and famous, he commands a number of fine vehicles. If Saturn is strong, one acquires vast real estate especially through maternal relations. There is professional success and honor from eminent men.

Due to the sixth house lordship of Mars, there is also a downside to all this mentioned above. A person may display dual behavior. He may profess to be pious and spiritual but may in reality be a wolf in a sheep’s clothing.

However if Saturn is located in the sixth house, then Mars as the sixth lord and as lord of the sign occupied by Saturn becomes a strong Karak of theft and makes the individual an expert thief. If the lord is weak, it gives dismissal through powerful enemies in professional life. The native has a low level existence.

Mars as lord of Aries here denotes the uncle. Which ever house lord is afflicted from the sign Aries, that part of mother’s younger brother will be affected.

Rajiv Sethi

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