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Significations of twelve houses. Life tips from hinduvedicastro.in

Unerring horoscope matching and Marriage counseling through Vedic astrology – Which house means what?.

The first house stands for everything pertaining to birth. It represents the color and stature of the body, the particular limb of the body represented by the sign in Lagna. It also represents wealth, honor, status and life span. It stands for the self of human beings and is also used to determine the source of livelihood. In Prashna astrology it stands for success or failure in attempts.

The second house represents means of sustenance, food and nourishment, mouth and face, accumulated wealth, extent of academic career, the family, death, scion of a royal family, the elder brother to mother, ruling powers, the age of boyhood, speech, eyes etc. It also stands for right eye, second marriage, and power of speech, cheeks and chin, death of spouse or business partner, lawsuits, miserliness or liberal nature.

The third house signifies ears, typically the right ear, shoulders, the respiratory canal, younger brothers, courage, the department of defense of a government, the deliberate self of humans, short journeys, arms, the age of youth, friends, air travel, longevity and courage. It also rules over neighbors and receipt of a letter, phone or telegram. Library, book-store, bridge, inclination to study, accounting, partition of property, messenger, public relation official, journalist, change of residence, restlessness, bargaining, contract signing, hand, throat, shoulder blades, collar bone, arms, nervous systems and nervous system are also studied from the third house.

The fourth house stands for mother, mind, property and real estate, vehicles, comforts, progress, lungs, chest, blood, the masses in general, essential nature of the native, residence, water and watery things. In addition to this, graves, secret life and secret affairs, agriculture, ancient buildings, hereditary property, treasure, schools, colleges, educations, gardens, false allegation, places where stolen property is hidden, Vedic text, elderly people, profession of husband, end of the matter, caves and special medicine are also seen from this house.

The fifth house is used to determine son/s, the power to advise, the emotional nature, the ladylove or paramour, amusements and amusement parks, cinema, theater, circus and carnival, casinos etc. The elder brother to the spouse, belly, the wife of the elder brother, husband of the elder sister, lottery, luck, pregnancies, speech and intellect. Sports, cinema halls, dance, banquet halls, casinos, lottery and horse racing, stock exchanges, Kidnap and rape, Vedic hymns, spirituality, profound learning, first child, pregnancy, arbitration and success in political field are also shown by this house.

The sixth house signifies overt enemies, diseases, hurdles, injuries, theft, terrorist activities vices, foreign elements of every description, intestines, violence, theft etc. Tenants, dress, success in competition, eye trouble, industry, civil service, fear from thieves, servants, diabolical deeds and divorce are all seen from this house.

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Seventh house represents spouse, marriage or live in relationship, divorce, semen and the mode of use of semen, impotency, private parts of the body, trade and business, partnerships, sex, death, ruling powers, profession etc. In addition, litigation, flight, social intermingling, legal bondage, contracts, break in journey, influence achieved in foreign country, danger to longevity, recovery of stolen property, description of the thief, mother’s vehicle and property, adopted child, law suits, open enemies, second child, trade, disputes, arrival and departure are all seen from the seventh house.

Eighth house stands for death, dishonor, adventures, foreign travels, sea, scrotum, destruction, longevity, the husband to the elder sister to the mother, the wife to the elder brother to the mother. Losses, accidents, death, legacy, wills, insurance policy, money of spouse or business partner, profession of friends, drowning, suicide, natural or unnatural death, miseries, misfortunes, worries, privation, delay, dejection, disappointment, defeat, blame, ill repute, wrong actions, theft, river crossing, fighting, gratuity, fire, debt, difficulties in journey, corruption, fear from the enemies, hill, lost property, evil and clandestine deeds are all seen from the eighth house.

Ninth house stands for luck in general, divine help, sudden events of good or bad nature, religion, spirituality, higher knowledge, father, the younger brother of wife, hips, wife of the younger brother, husband of the younger sister, favors from high officials, favors from government, long inland journeys etc. father, intellect, wisdom, fortune, philosophy, pilgrimage to holy places, communion with spirits, third child, devotion to Guru, science, university, migrations, elephants, circulation of money, wells, mother’s illness, grandchildren, business dealings with foreigners or foreign countries, permanent residence, place of worship, righteousness and kingdom are also seen from the ninth house.

The tenth house represents government, kingdom, ruling powers, good and bad deeds, height, sky, profession position and status, mother in law, longevity of the younger brothers and sisters. Government, dignity, reputation, popularity, fame, ambition, promotion, employer, superior, master, judge, last rites of one’s parents, pilgrimage, honors from government, honorable living, national leaders, loss of elder brother, horse riding and father are all seen from the tenth house.

The eleventh house is the significator for gains, left ear, injury, disease, the lower portion of legs, elder brother, elder sister, wife of son, husband of daughter, the longevity of mother, younger brother to father, foreign elements. Friends, society, advisor, fulfillment of wishes, election, victory in litigation, speculation, pleasure, prosperity, easy gains, dawn of fortune, corporation, minister ship, son in law, daughter, gold, adopted children, step children, income from profession, mother’s money and love affairs are all seen from this house.

The twelfth house signifies feet, expenditure, wastage, over use, loss, separation, luxury and its enjoyment, sexual enjoyment in particular, sleep, bed, husband to the younger sister to the mother, wife of younger brother to mother, places of worship, left eye, liberation, watery substances, prison, hospital, intelligence department of government. Associations with philanthropic institutions, separation from family, misfortune, imprisonment, secret toll of mind, defeat, inferiority complex, self undoing, self sacrifice, suicide, murder, exile, hidden side of life, left eye, left foot, rape, assassination, crimes, jail, renunciation, discharge of debt, loss of life and settlement abroad are all seen from the twelfth house.


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