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Sex and Vedic Astrology Part I. Life tips from hinduvedicastro.in

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Sex is perhaps the strongest emotion known to us. It launched a thousand ships in Troy and created the Taj Mahal in India. That was in the times of king and emperors. These days such grand gestures are rare but that does not mean that sex has taken a back seat. Pick up crime records from any country and those related to sex top the list. Most people won’t kill for bread or for money but will definitely contemplate murder if betrayed by their beloved.

Sex is the basis of all hetero and homosexual relationships. For healthy people, it is the perhaps the best pleasure that they can get. Sex may not be happiness in the truest sense but it surely mimics it closely.

Good sex is the first item in the wish list of an overwhelming majority. How much sex would one get and of what quality is something that every one wonders about.

Vedic Astrology answers all these questions beautifully.


Conditions  for healthy sex

Good sex requires a healthy body and a sound mind. Mind is important because although body does all the hard work it is the mind that registers the pleasure. Mind also controls the muscles which are involved in the sex act.

A strong body is the gift of a strong Lagna (ascendant) and a strong, well placed well associated Lagna lord. If these requirements are met, a person will have an attractive body that is capable of giving and receiving pleasure.

The desire

The sexual urge in a person is high if Mars and Venus are together. Such persons tend to be oversexed. Similar results occur when the lord of the seventh house and the twelfth house exchange houses. (Seventh lord in twelfth and twelfth lord in seventh house). This happens because seventh and twelfth are both houses of sex. Seventh of the relationship and twelfth of the act of coitus. A person with such a horoscope would not care too much about time and place for sex. The extreme of this Yog will be the ascendant being Scorpio and seventh lord Venus placed in Libra in the twelfth. Then we would have the makings of a Don Juan or Casanova.

In the next Blog we shall examine type and quality of sex, multiple partners and sexual weakness.

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