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Read the predictions for your Lunar Ascendant for the transit of Saturn through Capricorn after 24/01/2020.

ॐ श्रीगणेशाय नमः 


Saturn is the slowest moving planet in the solar system and takes thirty months to traverse thirty degrees in a Rashi. In the analysis given below, we shall focus on what changes can be expected in the next thirty months.

When we say that a person has a particular Rashi, it always means the Rashi where the Moon was at the time of birth. If you do not know what your Rashi is, you can find it by sending me your date, place and time of birth. For example, people with Mesh Rashi will be those whose Moon was in Mesh Rashi at the time of their birth. The contact details are at the bottom.

Saturn is a slow-moving planet and shows his results slowly. The results become increasingly visible as the degrees of Saturn increase over time.


Results of the transit of Saturn for Mesh Rashi or Aries Ascendant.

Saturn begins to travel through the tenth house of your chart and this house is occupied by Makar Rashi or Capricorn. This is the own sign of planet Saturn and a planet passing through his own sign always gives positive results. The results, in this case, will be more than positive because the eleventh house of gains is also ruled by Saturn and his transit through the tenth house will also produce some monetary gains.

You can safely expect a lessening of turmoil connected to your profession. Businessmen dealing with iron and steel products will benefit from this transit.

A marriage that had been simmering on a slow burner will now have a chance to cool down and become manageable. More light on this will be thrown by the placement and Dasha-Bhukti of planets in the birth chart but the transit shows a positive trend in this direction. Your brother in law passes through a favorable phase.

The younger siblings will come under some kind of pressure connected to their profession. The money supply for them would be tight. The elder siblings stand to gain from this transit. Overall this is a good period for you.

Children of the Mesh Rashi will do well in competitions and sports.


Vrish Rashi or Taurus Ascendant.

For Taurus Ascendant, Saturn becomes a Yog Karak and an excellent planet. Its passage through the ninth house will, therefore, be good for people with spiritual aspirations. The pull of the temptations of life will be less prominent during this transit. You may be inclined to review your lifestyle and become more introspective. Elderly people may seek a Guru or an organization that does social work for the benefit of the poor. Your relationship with the father will become more harmonious and you will benefit from his experience. His health will remain satisfactory.

This transit will be helpful to nullify the financial constraints that are put before you by the transit of Jupiter through the eighth house in your chart. After the twenty-first of November next year the situation will definitely improve. You will, however, need to keep a strict watch over your expenses. Any misadventure will cost you the health of your savings. If buying a house, check the paperwork carefully to prevent the possibility of fraud.

Children will be able to maintain an even keel and not be a cause of any undue worry. Your relationship with younger siblings will be rather cool. There may be a difference of opinion with the elder brother or sister.

Marriage will be largely free from worries. Short vacations taken together will be a source of pleasure and happiness.


Mithun Rashi or Gemini Ascendant.

Saturn transits through the eighth house in your chart and creates a wobble in your professional life. This becomes especially true after the twenty-first of November next year. This fact must be kept uppermost in your mind as you plan for your future in the next thirty months.

This transit indicates that there will be demands made on your bank balance and you will need all the judiciousness that you can muster to spend only upon the most necessary expenses. The real situation can be predicted through the analysis of the birth chart and the Dash-Bhuktis operating in it.

The strains arising from this transit have a direct bearing on your married life and a mental equipoise will be very helpful. If there have been simmering tensions before, this period will certainly rock the boat. Some relief will be available after the twenty-first in November next year. Your brother-in-law may interfere in your domestic affairs and it may become irksome.

Health remains satisfactory but if there is physical distress, it must not be ignored.

Children will do well in the coming thirty months. It is important that they are saved from the tension arising due to profession and finances. Genuine love conquers all issues and talking with them about what is going on with you will prove helpful.


Kark Rashi or Cancer Ascendant.

For Cancer, the transit takes place through the seventh house of marriage, partnership, relationships, and public relations. Saturn is passing through his own sign so all these factors mentioned above will come into prominence during the next thirty months. Those who are not married as yet will find new relationships that may mature into a marriage after November 2020.

Married people should not be surprised if they find their spouse becoming more vocal and assertive.

Professional people may contemplate a partnership to increase their reach, footprint, and footfalls. This is as true of businessmen as it is of lawyers, doctors, and architects, etc. A foreign trip is likely after November 2020.

Finances will remain buoyant and you will have enough to make your plans and projects successful.

Your children will do well and gain added self-confidence in the next two and a half years. They will do well in studies and sports.

One younger sibling may pass through a tough time and need your help and financial support.

It would be a folly to enter into litigation. It should be avoided as far as possible. There is a reason for this advice. You may act on an emotional impulse – which is always a bad idea – and initiate something that will take its toll in terms of your money and time. Try a peaceful approach and find settlement outside the legal process.


Simha Rashi or Leo Ascendant.

For Leo, the passage of Saturn takes place through the sixth house. Sixth house transit of Saturn is always a pleasant experience. It gives victory in litigation over opponents and keeps the enemies subdued. One is able to pay back the loans that he may have taken in the past. This transit also gives success in competitions. Enjoyment of life increases and creates happiness. You have all these goodies in store for you for the next thirty months.

Business and profession do well throughout the period. With a clear, well thought out strategy, you should be able to leave your competition behind,

This period is not bad for marriage but frequent differences of opinion can cause unhappiness. People who are trying for love marriage may face stiff resistance from their own parents or their future parents-in-law. Before taking any irrevocable decision it would be helpful to take a relook at the whole affair.

Your children thrive during this transit and the effect will be especially visible until 21 November 2020.

Income needs to be watched carefully. There may be times when you run into rough weather. A strict watch over the expenses is required.  This is not the time to splurge money. An elder brother will pass through a financially tough time.


Kanya Rashi or Virgo Ascendant.

For Kanya Rashi, Saturn passes through the fifth house in the chart. This house represents children, speculation, wisdom, ability to give sound advice and competitive examinations. Saturn is passing through his own sign so his passage will be a lot less troublesome than it usually is.

Marriage comes under a cloud throughout this transit as Saturn brings its disruptive influence to bear on marriage. In marriages that are already unhappy, It may result in a separation between the husband the wife. This could at its most benign, be due to a forced separation due to a job transfer. At its worst, it could be a separation which is a precursor to divorce. Even stable marriages are likely to experience choppy weather which may rock the boat. The strength of the seventh house and its lord in the birth chart will be the deciding factor.

People in the higher echelons of their companies have nothing to fear, if anything, their advice may carry even more weight. People in the lower rungs may need to improve their public relations skills.

Finances are also directly affected by this transit. Income could be negatively affected due to one reason or another. The extent of the damage will be determined the strength of the eleventh lord in the birth chart.

Even though the income is affected, the savings will not suffer the same fate. You will be able to save your wealth from damage. You may even increase it somewhat.

Children will do well in studies and sports but they need a steady hand to guide them during this transit. There is no reason to worry about their welfare.


Tula Rashi or Libra Ascendant.

For Libra, Saturn becomes a Yog Karak or an unalloyed benefic planet. Its passage through the fourth house is good for politicians who will be able to connect to the people with greater success. If there is a Raj Yog connected to the ruling powers in your birth chart, this transit can certainly help you to make the best of this period. This is especially true after November next year when the chances of political success become more assured. This is a good period for matters related to mother, real estate and vehicles. Saturn also helps to keep the opposition subdued.

Happiness from matters related to mother is promised. You may buy a new car of your choice and enjoy its comforts. A lawsuit may go in your favor.

This is not a bad period for the profession, but you may have to plan well for the next thirty months. The strength of the tenth house and the tenth lord will throw more light on this issue.

You will feel an increase in self-confidence and inner strength. This will help you to become more assertive in your day to day dealings with people.

Marriage remains on an even keel and this transit is likely to bring you closer to your spouse.

Income remains satisfactory throughout and will not be a cause of worry. Savings too remain healthy. Children will do well in studies and sports.

Your greatest challenge perhaps will be to not become too materialistic and deviate from spirituality. This tendency exists, especially after November 2020.


Vrishchik or Scorpio Ascendant

For Scorpio, Saturn passes through the third house and proves very beneficial. You will experience an increase in self-confidence and valor. This is also a good period for cricketers and sportspersons. They will get a chance to shine. This is an excellent time for them as they will do very well in their quest for becoming champions in foreign arenas. Many of them may be able to land lucrative advertising contracts.

People in other professions and businesses will also shine in their fields. With a well thought out plan, you may be able to achieve your long-desired goals.

Health remains good throughout this transit and allows you to put in your best effort without fear of overloading yourself. The period from 23rd March to 5th May 2020 is very productive for all scorpions.

Finances are buoyant throughout this period. Income and savings are both good. The money will be easily available until November 2020. After that, you would need to be more careful.

Marriage is not directly affected by this transit but it remains stable. Minor differences will be tackled easily.

Children come under the adverse effect of Saturn and special attention towards their welfare is needed. You would do well to have a heart to heart talk with your children frequently. They must not feel alienated and lonely.


Dhanu Rashi or Sagittarius Ascendant.

Sagittarians are lucky that Saturn is transiting the second house – of wealth and ruling powers – which is occupied by his own sign Capricorn. As the lord of the second house, Saturn will bring in a fair bit of wealth in the next three years. That said you will need to be more careful about your health after November 2020.

The second house is also the house of ruling powers and determines the social status of a person along with the tenth house. The transit of Saturn will definitely increase the power of this house and enhance the social status. This may come primarily due to the increase in wealth but it may also come through factors like your communication skills and your personality.

The business or profession may go through a slack phase but this will also depend upon the strength of the tenth house, as well as the tenth lord in the birth chart.

As mentioned above, the financial situation remains thriving throughout this transit. There will be plenty of opportunities to make money.

Marriage will require tact and handling. However, most problems will be amenable to an honest discussion about the problems being faced.

Children remain largely unaffected by this transit. That said, there is a good possibility that they will do well because no harm can come to them.


Makar Rashi or Capricorn Ascendant.

For Capricorn, Saturn transits Lagna (Ascendant) itself. Saturn also owns the second house of wealth occupied by Aquarius. This means that the house of self and house of wealth are linked together by the same planet which is good news indeed. Saturn is wearing two hats and this transit will bring the benefits of both houses together. There will be better health, increased self-confidence, and increased wealth. The money will always be there for the duration of the transit.

Profession and business are both nourished by this transit and you should see positive results like an enhanced business and professional status as also peer respect. Second and the tenth houses both represent social status and you will experience the change as time passes. If you think things through and plan well, a rich harvest is yours for the taking. The exact measure of the success can only be determined by the study of the birth chart, but broadly speaking good things are in store for you.

The house of marriage comes under the powerful aspect of Saturn and causes some friction with the spouse. If the marriage is stable this influence will simply cause some friction. If the marriage is shaky because of some reason, this period can exacerbate the problems.

Children remain unaffected by this transit and if anything, this can promote their welfare. They can improve their grades in studies and sports.


Kumbh Rashi or Aquarius Ascendant.

For Aquarius born, Saturn becomes the Lagna lord and it passes through the twelfth house from Lagna. This is called a Sade-Sati or seven and a half year transit during which Saturn traverses the twelfth, the Lagna and the second house. It is however nowhere close to the devil that it is made out to be by most people.

For Aquarius, this transit is not likely to be very troublesome though some problems connected to savings and bank balance will materialize. Income is safe until the end of November 2020, after that there might be some issues. The extent of this problem is best ascertained by the study of the birth chart.

Business is not likely to be affected much because the house that signifies profession is not impacted negatively. With due forethought and planning, you can actually enhance your business and profession.

Marriage too is largely expected to be problem-free. With a little effort, much happiness can be derived from it.

Children would need steady attention and care. Ignoring them and their aspirations can cause alienation, especially if they are teenagers. It would be highly advisable to keep talking to them to show them that they matter and you care for them. With a little effort, this obstacle can be overcome.


Meen Rashi or Pisces Ascendant.

For Pisces, Saturn transits through the eleventh house of income. What is more, he is moving through his own sign where he is secure and happy. Saturn always gives good results in the eleventh house. For the next thirty months, you can expect a steady gain of money. The period from January to November 2020 is especially good. After that, the business/profession remains good but it will not be as lucrative as it was from January to November.

Business and profession are not badly placed as far as this transit is concerned. It may even be good for you as it is likely to bring opportunities to make money using your brains. Pisces people usually choose professions over the business as they are more comfortable using their professional skills. These skills can come in handy during this transit.

Marriage may pass through a rough patch and may require an extra effort during this transit. A lot, however, will depend upon the Dasha-Bhukti and transit situation in the birth chart of the spouse. If there is a favorable period running in that chart, it can nullify the results of this transit.

Children bear the full brunt of transit Saturn and you must find time to talk to them, understand their problems and help them to overcome them.


This blog will not be complete without the remedial measures to reduce the ill effects of Saturn. I give below some time tested measures.


शनि गायत्री

ॐ कृष्णांगाय विद्महे रविपुत्राये धीमहि तन्नो सौरिः प्रचोदयात्।

वैदिक मंत्र

1.नीलांजनसमाभासं रविपुत्रं यमाग्रजम।

छाया मार्तण्डसम्भूतं तं नमामि शनैश्चरम् ।।


2.ॐ शं नो देवीरभीष्ट्य आपो भवन्तु पीतये शं योर भिस्त्रवन्तु नः


तंत्रोक्त मंत्र

ॐ प्रां प्रीं प्रौं सः शनैश्चराय नमः


Either the Vedic or the Tantrokt Mantra should be recited 108 times every day. If that is not possible it should be recited at least every Saturday in a Shiv temple.

Make it a habit of praying in a Shani temple every Saturday.

Praying to Bhagwan Shiv is an excellent way to remove the ill effects of Saturn whether they are due to a problem in the birth chart or adverse transit. Offering milk, water, flowers, and some money to Shivling with complete devotion will show speedy results. The Mantra to chant while offering Milk is OM NAMAH SHIVAAY or OM TRAYAMBAKAM YAJA MAHE SUGANDHIM PUSHTI VARDHANAM URVARUK MIV BANDHANAAN MRITYOR MUKSHIYA MAMRITAAT.

Two powerful and time tested Stotras are given below. Daily recital one or both at least once a day will prove extremely helpful. The first one is called Shani Vajra Panjak Stotra. The second is known as Shani Ashtak.


श्री गणेशाय नमः ॥

विनियोगः ।

ॐ अस्य श्रीशनैश्चरवज्रपञ्जर कवचस्य कश्यप ऋषिः,

अनुष्टुप् छन्दः, श्री शनैश्चर देवता,

श्रीशनैश्चर प्रीत्यर्थे जपे विनियोगः ॥


ऋष्यादि न्यासः ।

श्रीकश्यप ऋषयेनमः शिरसि ।

अनुष्टुप् छन्दसे नमः मुखे ।

श्रीशनैश्चर देवतायै नमः हृदि ।

श्रीशनैश्चरप्रीत्यर्थे जपे विनियोगाय नमः सर्वाङ्गे ॥


ध्यानम् ।

नीलाम्बरो नीलवपुः किरीटी गृध्रस्थितस्त्रासकरो धनुष्मान् ।

चतुर्भुजः सूर्यसुतः प्रसन्नः सदा मम स्याद् वरदः प्रशान्तः ॥ १॥


ब्रह्मा उवाच ॥

शृणुध्वमृषयः सर्वे शनिपीडाहरं महत् ।

कवचं शनिराजस्य सौरेरिदमनुत्तमम् ॥ २॥


कवचं देवतावासं वज्रपंजरसंज्ञकम् ।

शनैश्चरप्रीतिकरं सर्वसौभाग्यदायकम् ॥ ३॥


ॐ श्रीशनैश्चरः पातु भालं मे सूर्यनन्दनः ।

नेत्रे छायात्मजः पातु पातु कणौं यमानुजः ॥ ४॥


नासां वैवस्वतः पातु मुखं मे भास्करः सदा ।

स्निग्धकण्ठश्च मे कण्ठं भुजौ पातु महाभुजः ॥ ५॥


स्कन्धौ पातु शनिश्चैव करौ पातु-शुभप्रदः ।

वक्षः पातु यमभ्राता कुक्षिं पात्वसितस्तथा ॥ ६॥


नाभिं ग्रहपतिः पातु मन्दः पातु कटिं तथा ।

ऊरू ममान्तकः पातु यमो जानुयुगं तथा ॥ ७॥


पादौ मन्दगतिः पातु सर्वांगं पातु पिप्पलः ।

अंगोपांगानि सर्वाणि रक्षेन् मे सूर्यनन्दनः ॥ ८॥


इत्येतत् कवचं दिव्यं पठेत् सूर्यसुतस्य यः ।

न तस्य जायते पीडा प्रीतो भवति सूर्यजः ॥ ९॥


व्यय-जन्म-द्वितीयस्थो मृत्युस्थानगतोऽपि वा ।

कलत्रस्थो गतो वाऽपि सुप्रीतस्तु सदा शनिः ॥ १०॥


अष्टमस्थे सूर्यसुते व्यये जन्मद्वितीयगे ।

कवचं पठते नित्यं न पीडा जायते क्वचित् ॥ ११॥


इत्येतत्कवचं दिव्यं सौरेर्यन्निर्मितं पुरा ।

द्वादशाऽष्टमजन्मस्थदोषान्नाशयते सदा ।

जन्मलग्नस्थितान् दोषान् सर्वान्नाशयते प्रभुः ॥ १२॥


॥ इति श्री ब्रह्माण्डपुराणे ब्रह्म-नारदसंवादे शनिवज्रपंजरकवचम् सम्पूर्णम् ॥


शनि अष्टकम

अस्य श्रीशनैश्चरस्तोत्रमन्त्रस्य दशरथ ऋषिः। शनैश्चरो देवता। त्रिष्टुप् छन्दः। शनैश्चरप्रीत्यर्थे जपे विनियोगः।

 दशरथ उवाच

कोणोन्तको रौद्र यमोऽथ बभ्रुः कृष्णः शनिः पिङ्गलमन्दसौरिः।

नित्यं स्मृतो यो हरते च पीडां तस्मै नमः श्रीरविनन्दनाय॥1॥


सुरासुराः किम्पुरुषोरगेन्द्रा गन्धर्वविद्याधरपन्नगाश्च।

पीड्यन्ति सर्वे विषमस्थितेन तस्मै नमः श्रीरविनन्दनाय॥2॥


नरा नरेन्द्राः पशवो मृगेन्द्रा वन्याश्च ये कीटपतङ्गभृङ्गाः।

पीड्यन्ति सर्वे विषमस्थितेन तस्मै नमः श्रीरविनन्दनाय ॥3॥


देशाश्च दुर्गाणि वनानि यत्र सेनानिषेशाः पुरपत्तनानि।

पीड्यन्ति सर्वे विषमस्थितेन तस्मै नमः श्रीरविनन्दनाय ॥4॥


तिलैर्यवैर्माषगुडान्नदानैर्लोहेन नीलाम्बरदानतो वा।

प्रीणाति मन्त्रैर्निजवासरे च तस्मै नमः श्रीरविनन्दनाय ॥5॥


प्रयागकूले यमुनातटे च सरस्वतीपुण्यजले गुहायाम्।

यो योगिनां ध्यानगतोऽपि सूक्ष्मस्तस्मै नमः श्रीरविनन्दनाय॥6॥


अन्यप्रदेशात्स्वगृहं प्रविष्टस्तदीयवारे स नरः सुखी स्यात्।

गृहाद्गतो यो न पुनः प्रयाति तस्मै नमः श्रीरविनन्दनाय॥7॥


स्रष्टा स्वयम्भूर्भुवनत्रयस्य त्राता हरीशो हरते पिनाकी।

एकस्त्रिधा ऋग्यजुस्साममूर्तिस्तस्मै नमः श्रीरविनन्दनाय॥8॥


शन्यष्टकं यः प्रयतः प्रभाते नित्यं सुपुत्रैः पशुबान्धवैश्च।

पठेत्तु सौख्यं भुवि भोगयुक्तः प्राप्नोति निर्वाणपदं तदन्ते॥9॥


कोणस्थः पिङ्गलो बभ्रुः कृष्णो रौद्रोऽन्तको यमः।

सौरिः शनैश्चरो मन्दः पिप्पलादेन संस्तुतः॥10॥


एतानि दशनामानि प्रातरुत्थाय यः पठेत्।

शनैश्चरकृता पीडा न कदाचिद्भविष्यति॥11॥


॥इति श्री दशरथकृतं श्री शनैश्चराष्टकं सम्पूर्णम्॥


I wish you the best of luck in the coming year.


Rajiv Sethi





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