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Rahul Gandhi – life jacket or dead weight?

The Congress party has finally decided to bring deep rooted and far sighted changes in the way the party is run and managed. Rahul Gandhi will shortly be raised to the level of the president of the party and expected to lead it to victory in 2019 general elections.

In Vedic astrology two houses primarily rule over leadership qualities. Lagna or the first house determines how much self confidence and maturity a person has. It also tells a lot about the vitality and bursting energy that a person uses to overcome opposition.

The third house determines the élan, courage, and indomitable spirit. The third house also determines the size of fight in a leader and his ability to carry friends, and followers as a well knit team. One simply cannot be a fighter without having a strong third house and its lord.

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Besides the two houses mentioned above, there are other important houses that make a strong leader.

The love and adulation of the people is determined from the fourth house. It is the house of common man or the voter in a democracy. A strong fourth lord gives the leader an ability to influence the electorate in a positive manner. It certainly helps him to win elections.

The fifth house in the case of a political leader determines the wisdom that one can bring to bear on a problem. A weak fifth house and its lord give a shallow intellect which fails to reach the root of the problem. Leadership is a lot about resolution of complex issues in a manner that retains friends without making enemies. Powerful fifth house and fifth lord give that rare ability to a leader.

There are two more houses that complete the makeup of a successful leader and these are the ninth house of good fortune and the tenth house of ruling powers.

The ninth house represents the fame and good fortune which is in reality a bundle of good Karma done in previous lives and brought forth to the present one. Without good fortune nothing meaningful can be achieved.

The tenth house is the house of ruling powers and gives a complete control over legislature, Judiciary, and the executive.

Stronger the tenth house and Sun in a birth chart, stronger is the person’s hold over power.

These two houses cement the leadership qualities of a man to the apparatus of governance and make him a powerful ruler instead of a mere political leader. An apt example is that of one of the greatest leader of India Maharana Pratap who despite being an exemplary warrior and beloved leader of his subjects had a tenuous hold on real power. His rival emperor Akbar was in comparison a mediocre general and completely illiterate person. He was however extremely lucky.

In the next blog we examine Rahul Gandhi’s chart in the light of what is mentioned above.

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