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Rahul Gandhi – Life jacket or dead weight? Part-II

We shall now analyze the first, third, fourth, fifth, ninth and tenth houses in Rahul Gandhi’s chart and see how things pan out for him.

Lagna or the first house: The lord of the first house Mercury is placed in the twelfth house. Mercury is also the lord of the fourth house; that essentially means that the lord of both houses is placed in the twelfth house.

Mercury thus represents Rahul’s personality as well as his popularity among the masses.

Twelfth house is a Trik or a bad house. It represents losses, extravagance, expenditure, confiscation etc. It also represents misfortune, imprisonment, secret toll of mind, defeat, inferiority complex, and self undoing. Placement of any house lord in the twelfth shows weakening of that house and everything it represents.

The lord of the twelfth house represents disruption and separation of the house that it occupies. In Rahul’s chart, the lord of the twelfth house Venus is placed in the second house of wealth and ruling powers. It disrupts both and separates him from assuming ultimate power.

The third house: The third house represents the leadership quality and the ability to fight opponents. Sun, the lord of the third house is placed in Lagna. Two prime enemies, Saturn and Rahu aspect him. This indicates vindictiveness, and an irresolute mind. Rahul was born under Jyeshtha Nakshatra. Jyeshtha Nakshatra’s fascination with intoxicants and Sun-Mars union in the Lagna can be his undoing. Mental toughness is completely missing from this chart.

The fifth house in Rahul’s chart is ruled by Venus which is placed in the second house. The lord of the second house is placed in the sixth house in Neech Awastha. This linkage robs Rahul of a strong intellect and problem solving ability. It also shows that people advising him will be injurious to him in the long run.

There is a cancellation of Neeech placement due to Mars who is placed in Lagna. Mars however is a potent killer for Gemini Lagna and in reality is more of a curse rather than a boon.

The ninth house of good fortune in Rahul Gandhi’s chart is ruled by Saturn who also owns the eighth house. Saturn is placed Neech in the eleventh house and technically his Neech bhang is done by combust Mars which doesn’t really do anything. This Neech placement indicates that Rahul’s good fortune will be a mirage. Fame and power will elude him.

The tenth house represents the apparatus of governance and one’s complete control over it. Jupiter becomes the tenth lord and while he is nicely placed in the fifth house, the aspect of Rahu and Neech Saturn deprives him of his ability to give a strong hold on power.

The Dashamsh Chart

Lagna lord Mercury is placed in Dashamsha chart in the ninth house along with Rahu. Mars and Ketu aspect Mercury. This shows obstacles to growth in profession.

The tenth house lord in the Dashamsh chart is also Mercury with all attendant problems mentioned above.

The tenth lord of the birth chart Jupiter is placed in the second house in Dashamsh Chart. Jupiter is free from any affliction. Rahul Gandhi should have many sources of income and enjoy an exalted status in society.

Sun and Saturn in Dashamsha

A strong sun in Kendra houses or angles gives high status in government and high income. Rahul’s Sun is placed in the eleventh house in a friendly sign. Rahul will have money but administrative power will elude him.

Saturn promises support from subordinates, supporters and electorate. Saturn is well placed in the Dashamsha but he is placed Neech in the birth chart. The inherent weakness of Saturn does not give much support from ordinary citizens.

Present Dasha and Bhukti (Planetary periods)

The Dasha Bhukti running in Rahul Gandhi’s chart is of Mars-Mars until 20/12/2016. Mars is a potent killer for him and his ratio of desirable/undesirable results is 10.15/49.85. This is a bad period for his health. An injury due to accident not ruled out. Mars is placed in the Lagna so the trauma may be connected to head.

The present transit

Rahul is in the middle of his Sade Sati as Saturn is passing through Chandra Lagna. Mars transits birth moon on 12/09/2016 and is very capable of causing injury. Saturn transits birth Moon on 25/12/2016. This transit causes depression and mental distress. A fine or a loss of money is also likely.

Dasha Bhukti  during 2019 general elections

The term of the present Lok Sabha ends on 3/06/2019. That means that January to June 2019 will be crucial months for the battle of the ballot. The planetary period running in Rahul’s chart is Mars-Saturn from 4/12/2018 to 7/1/2020. Saturn has a ratio of desirable/undesirable results at 13.10/46.90 and will give only negative results connected to elections. The common man is likely to reject his leadership completely. Congress seat share is very likely to hit rock bottom.

Transit in 2019 elections

On 1/1/2019 Saturn transits the second house from Moon. Jupiter transits the Chandra Lagna. Rahu-Ketu straddle the third house ninth house axis. The placement of other quick moving planets cannot be determined because we do not have the poll dates.

Jupiter in the first house is helpful. Saturn in the second is adverse. Rahu in the ninth house causes fear though it is good for speculative activities.


It appears that the decision to elevate Rahul Gandhi to the post of congress president is a flawed one. He simply does not have what it takes to lead a party to victory and power.

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