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Neech Bhang Yog or cancellation of debilitation. Astrology tips from hinduvedicastro.in

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Every planet in the Zodiac is constantly moving around the Sun. While doing so, it comes across two points of vital importance. The first point is where it becomes supremely powerful and is able to give its best results. This first point is called the point of exaltation. A planet placed at this point is called an Uchha Grah or exalted planet.

The second point is diametrically opposite to the first point and a planet placed here becomes powerless and unable to give any favorable results. A planet placed here is called Neech Grah or debilitated planet.

These terms are unique to the Hindu Vedic Astrology and no other system is even remotely aware of these.

What has been mentioned above can be cancelled under certain circumstances. In such cases a Neech Bhang or cancellation of debilitation takes place. In such cases even a Neech planet becomes a beneficial one and gives good results. This process is called Neech Bhang Raj Yog.

The following table gives the Rashi and degree where each planet becomes Uchha and Neech. (exalted or depressed)

Planet exaltation

When a planet is moving towards exaltation his power is on the increase and he is capable of giving good results. At the exaltation point its strength is maximum. It begins to decrease as it begins to move towards his debilitation sign.

There are six conditions in which a Neech planet becomes beneficial and these are given below.

1.    A planet placed Neech will lose his negativity if the lord of the sign where it is placed is posited in a Kendra House (1, 4, 7, 10) from Lagna or Moon. If Sun is placed in Libra, then Venus becomes the dispositor of Sun. If Venus is in 1, 4, 7, 10 also known as Kendra houses, Sun’s Neech actions are cancelled.

2.    Same results happen when the lord of the sign where a planet becomes Neech is in 1, 4, 7, 10 houses from a planet where that planet becomes Uchha. For example, Sun is Neech in Tula (Libra). If Venus, which is the Lord of Tula Rashi is placed in a Kendra from Mars which the lord of Mesh Rashi (Aries) – the Sign where Sun becomes Uchha (exalted) – The Neech part is cancelled and Sun begins to give good results.

3.    If a planet is placed in its Neech sign and the Lord of the Neech sign aspects it, then too the Neech Bhang occurs. Taking the example of Sun in Libra, if Venus is placed in the seventh house from Sun, the Neech part of Sun is cancelled. The only caveat is that Venus should not be weak, afflicted or Neech herself.

4.    Taking the above example again if Venus the lord of Libra is herself exalted in Pisces, the Neechta 9negative actions) of Sun get cancelled.

5.    If a planet is exalted in the Navansh Chart, then too its Neechta is cancelled.

6.    If two Neech planets which are the owners of Trik houses, 6, 8, 12 houses, are involved in a Parivartan Yog or exchange of houses, a strong Neech Bhang takes place.

Even though a Neech Bhang Yog gives good results it is bad to have it. The reason is simple. Such a planet will first cause a fall and then give the rise. It is seen invariably that the Dasha of planets with Neech Bhang creates severe problems and then removes them.

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