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In Love prospects for Virgo Lagna (Ascendant). Life tips from hinduvedicastro.in

Unerring horoscope matching and Marriage counseling through Vedic astrology – In love prospects for Virgo Ascendant.

The seventh house in any horoscope tells the story of relationships. The strength of the seventh house, and its lord gives an accurate assessment of how happy a person would be in his relationships with the opposite sex and also marriage.

In the case of Virgo rising, the seventh house is owned by Jupiter who also owns the fourth house. The fourth pertains to happiness, mother, vehicles and home. This dual ownership of Jupiter indicates that Virgo born prefer to have a life partner who

06.Virgo Ascendant

is a home builder and makes efforts to make it a warm, cozy and happy place. Being in love means coziness of all these factors.

Jupiter however owns two Kendra houses and so suffers from Kendra Adhipatya Dosh. He becomes a Badhkesh and Markesh. What it simply means is that he becomes a malefic planet. For best results in marriage, Jupiter should occupy the seventh house, the second best position being the fourth. Jupiter in exaltation in the eleventh house is good for material purposes but bad for marriage. For sure the partner will be wealthy and influential but marital happiness takes a hit. Being in love status is degraded.

Should Venus occupy the seventh house, the personality will be magnetic and life partner very attractive. It would also give a huge amount of wealth as Venus gives the results of the second house. Such a person will be very fortunate and spiritual as well.

For Virgo women, the placement, strength and tendency of Jupiter becomes of paramount importance. This is so because besides owning houses of happiness and marriage, Jupiter also becomes the Karak or significator of marriage. Any malefic association, aspect or influence on Jupiter will tell heavily on the health of husband as well as male children. Jupiter should also be far away from twelfth lord Sun.

For men Venus becomes the Karak of marriage. If well placed she will bestow physical and sexual happiness. Venus placed in the second or seventh house will prove highly beneficial. A strong Venus also gives a long life to the spouse as he owns the eighth from the second house.

Saturn becomes the lord of the fifth and sixth houses. He therefore loses much of his beneficence as the lord of the fifth house. For children to be healthy and prosperous, Saturn should not be combust, or placed in his Neech sign in birth or Navamsa chart. Saturn would give satisfactory results in both the fifth and sixth houses.

Propitiation of Jupiter, Saturn and Venus will give excellent results by improving the love life.

It must be remembered that the actual placement will greatly alter the results of relationships and marriage. This is a theoretical assessment which will help in assessment of married life.

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