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In love prospects for Leo Lagna (Ascendant). Life tips from hinduvedicastro.in

Unerring horoscope matching and Marriage counseling through Vedic astrology – In love prospects for Leo Ascendant.

The seventh house in a birth chart represents the relationship with the opposite sex. The strength of the seventh house and seventh lord together determine the success, intensity and depth of male female relationships. They determine the ‘in love’ status.

05.Leo Ascendant

The Sign that falls in the seventh house is Aquarius. It is ruled by Saturn. The sign which falls in the sixth house is Capricorn and is also ruled by Saturn. This dual ownership of sixth and seventh house by Saturn is bad because in the final analysis Saturn emerges as a malefic planet. Saturn major and sub periods produce physical trouble, debts and losses. If Saturn is strong and favorable the life partner will be well placed and wealthy. If he is associated with Mars, Rahu or Ketu, there will be problems in marriage. Aquarius born are real humanitarians. They are philosophical, reserved, large-hearted and sympathetic persons. They can become a great teacher, writer and research scholar. They are tall, handsome, elegant and attractive and usually very nice persons. The partners of Leo display all these qualities.

For male Leos, Venus becomes the planet of physical happiness in marriage. The Mool Trikon Rashi, (primary sign) of Venus falls in the third house making Venus a malefic planet for Leo. If strong she gives professional growth and social status but then she also gives restricted finances because the third house is the eighth from the eighth house and represents paucity of money.

For Female Leos, Jupiter becomes the Karak or significator of husband and male child. If  strong he makes the partner wealthy but he should not be connected to Rahu or Ketu in any way. Jupiter in Sagittarius or Pisces gives above average wealth.

It is always a good idea for the Leo born to propitiate Jupiter, Saturn and Venus. This creates harmony, being in love and happiness in relationship.

The actual placement of planets in the birth chart will significantly modify what is written above but the basic promise shall remain.


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