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Love prospects for Capricorn Ascendant. Life tips from hinduvedicastro.in

Unerring horoscope matching and Marriage counseling through Vedic astrology – In love prospects for Capricorn Ascendant.

The seventh house of male female relationships is the arbiter of happiness or sorrow in relationship and marriage. The seventh house in a Capricorn birth chart is occupied by Cancer. The strength of the seventh house and its lord Moon will have a great impact on all unions in life.

Moon represents the mind and emotional nature. Moon is a highly changeable planet and changes its size on a daily basis. Cancer is a Char Rashi (movable sign) and also represents change. Relationship with a Cancer born therefore is not very predictable.

To be strong, Moon needs to be either in her exaltation or in her own sign. Moon placed in the fifth house in Taurus will give good results pertaining to spouse because of two reasons; firstly because she is exalted and secondly because she is placed in the

10.Capricorn Ascendant

eleventh house from the seventh. Such a placement will give a good deal of wealth and prosperity.

Moon placed in the seventh house is not so welcome because even though she is in her own sign, she makes one narrow minded, sociable and easily aroused to jealously. If Moon is strong in Paksh Bal, one comes from a high family. A waning Moon gives constant rift with opponents.

For female Capricorns, Jupiter becomes the significator of marriage. He also becomes the lord of third and twelfth houses. Both are Trik (bad) houses. Sagittarius, the Mool Trikon Rashi (primary sign) falls in the twelfth house, the other Rashi falling in the third house. Jupiter becomes exalted in the seventh house. His placement there will negatively impact the marriage.

For males, Venus becomes the significator of marriage. Venus is a Yog Karak for Capricorn and her placement in the fifth house will give great wealth. This advantage will be lost in the tenth house because Venus has no Dik Bal in the tenth house. Such a Venus will promote the marriage to a great extent.

The actual placement of planets will greatly modify the good and bad results but this theoretical analysis will hold true.

Saturn, Venus and Moon become important planets for Capricorn born and all three can be strengthened by wearing Blue Sapphire, Half Carat solitaire and a large pearl.


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