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Love prospects for Cancer Ascendant

Unerring horoscope matching and Marriage counseling through Vedic astrology – In love prospects for Cancer Ascendant.

Cancer born people are highly emotional persons with an intuitive, perceptive and restless mind. They are very intelligent, bright and frugal with their money. They are very hard working persons and it is difficult for them to goof off. The nature is spiritual and

04.Cancer Ascendant

charitable. Love affairs are not very successful and generally unproductive.

The seventh house and its lord give an insight into the love life of an individual. In the case of Cancer rising, the seventh house is ruled by Saturn. The eighth house is also ruled by Saturn as his Mool Trikon Rashi falls there. It is this factor that creates complications. Eighth house rules over life span and poverty. If Saturn is strong the eighth house also becomes strong. Life span increases but so does the lack of money. It would help somewhat if Saturn was placed in the seventh house; it would however delay the marriage to quite an extent.

The average partner will be talkative, above average height and may tend to stoop. Complexion will be darkish. The desire for perfection may wear down the relationship.

For men Venus becomes the Karak or significator for marriage. She owns the fourth and eleventh  houses and becomes a malefic. If strong the health will be adversely affected. If weak marriage will be without any physical pleasure.

For female Cancerians, Jupiter becomes the Karak for marriage and his Mool Trikon Rashi falls in the sixth house. He is therefore unable to give his best results.

Without any doubt, the placement of other planets in the chart will greatly modify the relationship status. What is written above is purely a theoretical analysis.

Remedy for males will consist of propitiation of Venus and Saturn with appropriate Mantra and Stotra. For females Jap of Saturn and Jupiter Mantras will prove very helpful.

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