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Love prospects for Aries Ascendant. Life tips from hinduvedicastro.in

Unerring horoscope matching and Marriage counseling through Vedic astrology – In love prospects for Aries Ascendant.

01.Aries ascendant

People born in Aries ascendant generally get attractive life partners. This is especially true for men. This happens because the seventh house which rules over relationships with the opposite sex is governed by Venus. Venus is the planet of beauty and enjoyment of physical pleasures. As the seventh lord she generally brings beautiful and attractive women in their lives. For men, Venus is the Karak or significator of sexual pleasures. If Venus is strong and well placed in the horoscope she guarantees attractive women for the Aries born. This is true for women too but the men in their life will be dapper, attractive and eloquent. They may not be very masculine and rugged.

Venus becomes Marak or a killer for Aries born. She should therefore be free from malefic influences. Since Venus is both the Karak and lord of the seventh house, any bad influence will tell very heavily on life partner. Additionally she should not be placed in sixth or eighth houses in the Lagna chart and in sixth, eighth or twelfth houses in the Navamsachart.

Venus becomes exalted in the twelfth house and generally gives excellent results. Her exaltation however has a negative side too. It becomes very easy for a male to seduce women. This is so because planet of relationships and sex becomes exalted in the house of sexual intercourse and consummation of a relationship. The inference is obvious.

Mars and Venus together give a Raj Yog as well as Marak Yog. Should this Yog appear in the second house and Jupiter too joins, it produces wealth in which the spouse plays an important part. If this Yog appears in the third house, the wealth produced will be reduced. This happens because Mars in such a case will be placed in adverse houses from both his Rashis (signs).

Aries born will benefit from the propitiation of Mars, Sun, Jupiter and Venus. The first three can be strengthened by wearing a coral, Ruby and Yellow Sapphire. Venus can be strengthened by Shukra Mantra.

What is written above is applicable to female charts as well.

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