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Libra the most successful Lagna! Part II. Life tips from hinduvedicastro.in

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In the previous Blog we discussed the house owner ship of the twelve houses for Tula Lagna (Libra ascendant). In the present article we shall see how these planets give their results in the light of rules laid down by Maharishi Parashar. These rules are given below.

1. When a planet owns the second or the twelfth house, and along with it another house; the results given by it will not pertain to the second or the twelfth house but be connected to the other house ruled by that planet.

What does it mean? Let us take the example of the second house for Tula Lagna. Mars becomes the owner of the second as well as the seventh house. He shall therefore give the results pertaining to seventh house only. Similarly Mercury, who owns the ninth and the twelfth house, shall give his results connected to the ninth house alone. This rule holds true even though the Mool Trikon Rashi or Primary sign of Mercury falls in the twelfth house. The strength or weakness of Mars and Mercury will mainly boost or deflate the seventh and ninth house only. If Moon or Sun owns the twelfth house, the good or bad results will be dependent on their strength and placement.

2. A planet owning the Kendra houses 1, 4, 7, and 10 becomes neutral. If a malefic, he does not give adverse results and if a benefic he does not give favorable results. He remains neutral.

3. Planets owning the fifth and ninth houses give uniformly good results; this is irrespective of whether they are benefic or malefic.

4. Planets owning the third, sixth and eleventh houses become malefic. Eleventh lord becomes bad for health but not for wealth.

5. Sun and Moon are not tainted by the ownership of eighth house.

Let us now apply these rules to the nine planets and see what we get.

Sun becomes the lord of the eleventh house and if strong gives much gain from the government. This happens because sun is a royal planet and a confirmed representative of the ruling elite. The eleventh house is the eighth from the fourth and so represents the longevity of mother. A strong sun will ensure her long life.

This house also represents the elder brother, so he too will rise well in life, provided that Karak (significator) for elder brother Jupiter is also strong.

If Sun is weak, afflicted and ill placed, gains will be adversely affected. In addition to this wife’s digestion will suffer as eleventh is the fifth house from seventh. The wife may also suffer from uterus trouble if the eleventh house is also afflicted. Broadly speaking the lordship of the eleventh house by the royal planet Sun is very favorable for Tula Lagna(Libra Ascendant).

Moon rules over the tenth house and like Sun, she too is a royal planet. A royal planet ruling over the house of governance and peak performance is extremely favorable for Tula Lagna.  Strong Moon greatly enhances the tenth house. If placed in the eleventh house she gives a high status and professional excellence. Similar results though somewhat weakened will accrue if moon is placed in the fourth house. For best results Moon should be far removed from Sun.

Mars rules over the second and seventh house – Both are houses of death – but following the rules mentioned above he will give results relevant to the seventh house only. Mars is a malefic planet and a potent killer, but the sign falling in the seventh house is Aries. Mars thus becomes a neutral planet. It is this neutralization of Mars that works so well for Tula Lagna. Should Mars be placed in the fourth or the seventh house, his results will be excellent. The strength of Mars has a direct bearing on the longevity and general health of the life partner.

Since Aries is falling in the seventh house, it is quite easy to see that it becomes the Lagna for the life partner. Any planet and house which is weak will create problems in that part of the partner’s body which is ruled by that planet. Mars placed in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house will be detrimental to the health of the partner.

Mercury rules over the ninth and twelfth houses; both represent spirituality. Mercury also represents ‘Lord Vishnu’ and it is for this reason that he becomes imbued with spirituality, ethics and selfless service to society. Mercury placed in Lagna or linked to Lagna Lord Venus makes a person very spiritual.

Jupiter becomes the lord of the third and sixth houses; both are houses of scarcity and insufficiency. If placed in the eighth house, he gives a great deal of money due to Vipreet Rajyog. According to Bhavarth Ratnakar, Jupiter is a beneficial planet for Tula Lagna and his aspect on the second house promotes a lot of wealth.

Venus rules over the two houses of longevity; the Lagna and the eighth house but as the Mool Trikon Rashi falls in the Lagna her results are mostly beneficial. Venus should not be weak or afflicted as that would have a direct bearing on health and life span.

Saturn rules over the fourth and fifth houses and becomes a powerful Yog Karak. The most malefic planet thus becomes most beneficial for Tula Lagna.  If strong, he bestows power and affluence. In addition to this he gives high class intelligence and an illustrious son who proves lucky for the native.

Saturn also gives a strong liking for amusements of all kind and one spends money freely on cinemas, concerts, theme parks, casinos etc.

It thus becomes clear that all malefic planets lose their malfeasance for Libra Ascendant while the benefic remain benefics. Additionally the two royal planets become the rulers of the house of profession and house of gains. It is this that makes Libra the most successful Lagna of all. Among all twelve signs, they have a much better chance of living a healthy, prosperous and joyful life.

What do you think of this article? Will it help your knowledge of Hindu Vedic astrology?Please leave your comments.

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  • reply Harihara Velan ,

    i dnt think so, may be 90%. But doesn’t work out for all.

    • reply Rajiv Sethi ,

      Hariharan Ji, 90% accuracy in prediction is highly desirable.

    • reply Ratikesh Joshi ,

      Excellent. Having Libra ascendant and also having some knowledge of astrology I found the article accurate. I will definitely go through your all articles and recommend my friends to read them. Will like to meet you Rajiv ji personally. Thanks a lot. You are doing a great job. please keep on.

      • reply Rajiv Sethi ,

        Thanks for your encouragement. I really appreciate it. It gives me impetus to keep writing.

      • reply Anu ,

        i M libra ascendant but leading a depressing life. May b a worst libran.

        • reply Rt ,

          Me too.. But just realised that libra moon sign was under sade sati from 2009 up until Oct 2017. May be it affected us ascendants too.
          Do ascendants also get affected by sade sati?

        • reply aj ,

          i have thula lagna with jupiter in 7th house with ketu and moon. my jupiter mahadasha is coming up? how will it be?

          • reply Rajiv Sethi ,

            To answer your question, the Shad Bal and Isht/Kasht Phal of Jupiter needs to be ascertained. That is the final arbiter of the results. Anything else will be purely speculative.

          • reply Poorna chandra ,

            I’m Libra lagna person with sun 7 degrees n Mercury 29 degrees in lagna . Currently in rahu mahadasa n ketu antardasa . My dob 24/10/1992 .. timing 7:30am .rajiv sir kindly tell me about my future .

            • reply Rajiv Sethi ,

              Would you ask a lawyer, a doctor, a dentist or any other professional for free advice and service? How is an astrologer different? This is my profession and means of my livelihood. How can I give free advice?

            • reply Rt ,

              Every astrologer says that sade sati is seen from the moon sign. My date of birth is 27th August 1991, Meen rashi & tula lagna. As per this my sade sati was soon after my birth from 1993 when saturn entered my 12th house as per moon sign. But that period was a really happy period in comparison to when saturn entered my 12th house from lagna. Right from 2009 i am struggling in my career. Not yet completed my CA which i started in 2009. No proper job too. Due to this reason i believe sade sati affects you even from lagna.

              • reply Rajiv Sethi ,

                Transit is seen only from the Moon Chart. What gave you the idea that Sade Sati is always a bad period? If Saturn is passing through its own Nakshatras there will be a very little ill effect. A lot also depends upon the strength of the Lagna lord and the Yogas it may form with fifth and ninth lords. Your beliefs about transits are your own domain and I have no right to interfere but if you refer to Maharishi Parashar – the father of Hindu astrology – he is categorical in mentioning that transit results are only seen from the Moon. That said, it is a free country with free speech and you are entitled to your beliefs.

                • reply Rt ,

                  Thankyou for your reply. My intention was not to offend anyone. It is just an observation of my own life and my family members. But yes I agree with you that we cannot look at a persons chart only from a particular aspect. There are various other combinations to be taken into consideration. All said and done, I truly respect the knowledge which has been passed down by our great saints which forms the basis of our learnings.

              • reply Shukra ,

                Sir I’m shukra from bengaluru city..

                What u written above is right…

                Because I born (1988/18/October 7:30am bengaluru)..

                Thula lagna purvashada nakshtra 4th pad dhanasu rashi…

                Please tell me when I become successful person

                • reply Ratul ,

                  How can Sun be beneficial if it is owns 11th house. ?

                  • reply Rajiv Sethi ,

                    No planet gives bad results if it sits in his own house.

                    • reply Rahul ,

                      Sir, does it apply the same if the owner of the bad houses (6 8 12) sits in their own house?? For example if we take shukra in tula lagan?? Waiting for your awnser sir.

                  • reply Seju ,

                    im thula lagna and i can tell you for sure that it isnt anything lucky. A lot of the things you’ve said can get negated.

                    For example, Saturn gives raj yoga but when placed with mercury (napunsak) planet in 9th, it can deny children altogether.

                    Then again, an astrologer i visited said that mars in aries will give mangal dosh, there will be issues in marriage, not directly related to the death etc but there will be issues with relationship, health, etc….this even though my mars is v v v strong. I found this to be correct. Moreover, spouse while being extremely energetic and active doesnt have very good health and is not at all health conscious (this could be because of sun placed in 10th, so 12th from his own house…as you said bad placement can give digestion problem, this matches).

                    Also everyone only discusses 7th from the point of view of spouse, but isnt it also business, partnerships, opponents and adversaries who will always be stronger than me (becoz my ascendant lord is badly placed in simha, i think saturn drishti may be a slight positive here) isnt it a fact that a strong 7th house means that i will get dominated/overpowered by anyone who is my opponent? this im not sure bcoz i have seen both success and failure…this is a little confusing.

                    my father used to say that when any planet owns 2 houses, he forgets the functions of 1 of the houses if he is placed in the other of his own houses. You said something similar with respect to Mars and Mercury here. From what my father told me, I understood that my wealth luck will be average bcoz although Mars forgot 2nd house function, he has his drishti on the 2nd house scorpio (from 7th house Aries). From what you wrote I understood that even if he is not in aries, he will only give result of 7th house. I am curious to know if this kind of Mars creates Ruchaka yoga.

                    • reply Rajiv Sethi ,

                      You missed the point entirely. The blog was about the general propensity of Tula Lagna. Placement of planets in different houses will give different results.

                      • reply Seju ,

                        OK thanks for the blog..can you please clarify that point about the ownership of 2 houses? if a planet is in 1 of 2 houses, will he only then give the result of the one house and not the other? or this holds true even if he is not in his own sign?

                        • reply Rajiv Sethi ,

                          I do not get time to write long answers. Please call me at 9899589211.

                          • reply Rajiv Sethi ,

                            This is a lengthy answer. Please call me at 9899589211 and I shall explain.

                      • reply Seju ,

                        hi…i had 1 more comment…you are saying that Sun as 11th lord is positive for libra. But isn’t Sun the badhaka planet for Libra? And that would be functional malefic then?

                        • reply Rajiv Sethi ,

                          The negativity of being a Badhaka is a lot less than the positivity of Suns’s presence in the eighth house.

                        • reply Joyshankar ,

                          It is clear enough about Venus,Sun and Moon but could not get it what effects will be there if Mercury, Mars,Jupiter,Saturn are malefic/debilitated. I am libra ascendant, Jupiter is in 12th house and is aspected by venus and mercury(6th house). How will be my Jupiter mahadasha which is going to start in July,2019?

                          • reply Rajiv Sethi ,

                            A chart can not be generalized as each planet has an impact on other planets. Please consult a good astrologer to find out more about your concerns.

                          • reply Nithyananda Prabhu ,

                            Excellent drafting, facts match upto 90% to my knowledge. I want to meet you to get advise on my horoscope.. Please share procedure

                          • reply Girish Gopal Mulchandani ,

                            Hello Sir I am also a libra ascendant. I have a question that My venus is in 9 house and moon is in 5th house can I wear opal for venus and moonstone for moon for enhancing their beneits. Many astrologers suggest that opal should be wear in index finger and some astrologers suggest that opal should be wear in middle finger which is right please reply.

                            • reply Rajiv Sethi ,

                              You should wear a 1/2 Carat diamond in a silver ring and a five-carat pearl in a silver ring. Diamond goes on the right-hand middle finger and the pearl on the little finger of the right hand.

                            • reply Anil Shukla ,

                              Your location & do you charge for astrological guidance ? If yes how much ???

                              • reply Rajiv Sethi ,

                                I charge 3500/- for thirty minutes and 5100/- for an hour. I am located in Delhi NCR.

                              • reply girish ,

                                i m libra ascendant. i m undergoing worst period of my life. one thing i understood that offwhite ivory color is panoti for libra ascendent. how many of u guys have this color in ur home office and still have good earning ? all libra ascendant people plz make a group to study libra ascendant astrology for big income. girishrvyas@gmail.com

                                • reply Sai Mihir ,


                                  My son date of birth is 29/04/2003. At present venus dasa is going on. Venus in Meena rashi (6th Place). Jupiter in 10th, Mars in 4th (Makara) and Surya in 7th place, moon in 6th place with venus. at present he is pursuing +2 (Science) preparing for Engineering entrances. I want to know in which subject he will prosper. Either by taking Engineering or any other. Pl advice.

                                  • reply Rajiv Sethi ,

                                    If you are really serious about the question, please go for a paid consultation.

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