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How is the year 2020 for you?

Of the nine planets that Vedic astrology acknowledges and uses, three planets that matter the most are Jupiter, Saturn, and Rahu. The first two are massive planets but Rahu is a mathematical point that is treated as a planet. Rahu is the point at which the orbit of the Moon around earth intersects with the orbit of the earth around the Sun. The north intersection is called Rahu and the south intersection is called Ketu.

Saturn takes thirty years to travel around the Zodiac while Jupiter takes twelve and Rahu eighteen. These planets, therefore, remain in a sign for a long duration and have more influence on humans than other quick-moving planets like Moon, Mercury, Sun and Venus. The predictions are made with these three planets only. For more accurate predictions we must analyze the birth chart made from Date, place and time of birth.

This delineation about your future in the next year is based on the placement of these three slow-moving planets. This is also based on your Moon Lagna. It is NOT based on your Sun sign. The answer to that million-dollar question “What is my Lunar birth sign” will be provided by omniscient Google uncle. That said let us proceed to the first sign, Aries.


For the Aries born, 2020 brings many gifts. The business and profession improve markedly throughout the year. The income keeps pace with the profession until the end of the year.

The earnings will be good but you will have to plan your expenses well. There may a tendency to take emotional decisions leading to impulsive buying of things that you don’t really need. Your money is best husbanded carefully for the next thirty months starting 24/01/2020

The possibility of buying a new car is quite high and you can safely go for it. A few pleasant journeys along with the family with a lot of Mauj and Masti are quite likely.

Married life remains stable all through the year, though occasional friction is not ruled out. There may be a separation caused by reasons that are not unpleasant. For example promotion and a transfer to a place where one can’t take the partner and kids. Overall there will be happiness and enjoyment.

Children will do well in studies and their affairs improve after January 2020. Those planning for competitive exams will do better after the end of January 2020.

Relationships with siblings may come under a cloud and remain so for the duration of Saturn transit. Lack of communication will be the underlying cause.


The Taurus born have been passing through a tough time professionally and financially for the past thirty months. The children have also been negatively affected during this period. All that anguish comes to a close after 24th of January in 2020. The relief will be palpable as Saturn moves from Sagittarius to Capricorn in their ninth house.

The anguish of the recent past will now be transmuted to spirituality. You may be attracted to an Ashram or a religious organization that provides spiritual guidance. There will be a distinct leaning toward religion.

Helped by the Poorv-Punya from the past, business/profession will begin to do well. Your decisions will be supported by good fortune.

Don’t be surprised if the expansion of your profession is not reflected in increased earning. It will be pointless to fret and worry about it because Jupiter is not helpful at all until 21/11/2020 and after that, it is Neech and only slightly better as it transits Capricorn. Enough money, however, will be available to meet the necessary requirements.

Marriage remains stable and the changed transit of Saturn helps the relationship. If anything it becomes better than before.

Your children will need help, advice, and counseling in the coming months. Younger children will need more parental love and the teenagers will require non-invasive communication that sends a message but does not preach.

Aloofness will prevail between you and your younger siblings.


Perhaps the most welcome news for the Gemini is that the unhitched will be finally getting married. Close and live-in relationships are also likely to culminate in marriage.

Saturn moves to the eighth house in your chart and begins to traverse his own sign Capricorn. This reduces his inclination to cause damage to your person through an illness or accident. The effect on the profession and business, however, will not be favorable. You will feel that things are slowing down. People who had agreed to place orders may backtrack. Old customers may seek newer pastures. You will need to plan well and put extra effort into whatever profession you have.

The income may see some erosion but it is your savings that will bear the brunt of unexpected expenses. Be very careful with the credit cards. Emotions and plastic money can weave a net that is very hard to come out of.

Children are benefitted and their welfare remains positive. They will do well in studies and sports and be a source of joy. Do find time to hug the youngsters and talk to the teenagers. You would thank yourself later.

The period after November 2020 may require some extra care as far as marriage is concerned. As Jupiter becomes Neech the effect will be noticeable. Keep the communication flowing between yourself and the spouse.


For Cancer, two major planets Jupiter and Saturn remain in their own Rashis. This is more or less acceptable as their tendency to give unfavorable results is curtailed.

As far as business is concerned, it is a satisfactory year. There will be no crests and troughs in the graph. You should be able to maintain the momentum.

Income remains steady as well. You would be able to beat inflation without much problem. Savings and bank balances are also protected.

A foreign trip to the west is in the offing for some of you. It will be enjoyable too if your spouse accompanies you as well.

Your problems arise from emotional behavior which can get out of hand. You will suffer from the error of judgments between right and wrong. It is imperative that you do not take any decision spontaneously. Have your decisions vetted by a confidante. Due diligence should be your watchword in 2020.

Marriage remains on an even keel and the possibility of a foreign trip together exists. Some nagging issues may arise after November as Jupiter becomes Neech in Capricorn. No major upset is likely.

Children will do well in their chosen areas. Their grades may improve. Those in sports will shine.

There is a good possibility that you may buy a car before the year 2020 is over. The same is true of an apartment. The happiness of all types will be available to you.


This is going to be a smashing year for the Leo people. All three slow moving planets are very well placed and assure money, success in competitions, freedom from disease, victory in litigation and repayment of loans. I think you should celebrate these good times and invite me to the party.

The money will come in effortlessly. If the birth chart so indicates, you can make a killing in the stock market, casinos and commodity markets. Ditto for the bullion market.

Your competition watches helplessly as you surge ahead. A favorable result is guaranteed in a court case. You will be able to repay a bank loan. This is the year when your best efforts will be rewarded to the fullest.

This is a good year for champions. They will excel in the sport of their choice. Ditto for sportspersons of all types.

People preparing for IAS/IFS/IPS exams will do well. Much however will depend upon the strength of the tenth house and the tenth lord in the birth chart.

Business and profession are placed favorably and will respond well to your efforts. This is the time to put one’s heart and soul in it.

Marriage remains stable and happy. Barring some minor events the ship of marriage sails on an even keel. Just make sure that you take cognizance of your partner’s feelings.

Children do exceptionally well in sports and studies. Their achievements warm the cockles of your heart.

All in all a year you will remember for a long time.


Virgo born people are for some testing times. There may be friction in the marriage, income-related issues, and unexpected expenses. Most of these issues will be dormant until November 2020 but by December next year, you will begin to feel the pinch.

Business decisions demand a thorough planning and due diligence. You may suffer from hubris and leave much to chance. That will be a folly for which you may repent for some time beyond 2020.

You may experience obstacles when buying a new car, real estate, etc. Do not stand guarantee of any sort for anyone, no matter how close the relationship. If you do, you will have all the time to repent.

Income may stagnate and cause sleepless nights. The same thing happens to the bank balances. Husband your resources as you tread carefully through this minefield.

Stable marriages will be rocked but survive. Teetering marriages will fail and lead to divorce. It will be a good idea to talk to bring in the elders of the family for a resolution. A marriage counselor will prove helpful.

Children will do well throughout the next thirty months. Tender loving care for the little ones and a free flow of information with the grown-ups will be immensely helpful.

Develop a stoic attitude towards what happens. The Americans phrase –Grin and bear it – sums it up succinctly.


For the Libra born 2020 will be a mixed year. Saturn has been transiting the third house in the chart and be helpful. He now enters the fourth house and begins his movement through his own sign Capricorn. He remains favorable throughout.

Real estate, both built up and unbuilt will become a source of income and happiness. If other planets in the chart are well placed, quite a lot of money can be made. You are likely to buy an upmarket new car and enjoy the comforts. The Mother’s love will be abundant and she will enjoy good health.

Business is well placed and shows a promising year ahead. Income too will remain good until the end of the year when some headaches can arise. Your savings may increase somewhat during 2020.

Jupiter remains in the grip of Rahu throughout the coming year. Morality and ethics will struggle to remain on top of your mind but may lose the battle. The shortcuts that you adopt may succeed now but will cause problems later.

Short journeys may be frustrating and not pay the dividends that you envisage.

Children remain unaffected in 2020 and can scholastically shine with a little effort.

Married life is more or less stable and happy throughout the year. The last month is likely to induce some undercurrents of dissatisfaction. Overall this is a satisfactory year for the Libra people.


The scorpions have been having a good time in terms of wealth and enjoyment of life. This is likely to become even better as Jupiter remains in the house of wealth and Saturn transits to the house where he gives very favorable results. A sudden increase in wealth is possible. You may have a chance to go abroad.

Saturn gifts you with better health, increased valor and enjoyment of the good things of life. Bhoga occupies the center stage in the coming year. You will have quite a few occasions to gratify the senses and enjoy experiences that will make fond memories in your life to come.

Business/profession sees consolidation and increased respect among peers. Social status is also likely to go up. You will take calculated risks, and as long as the risks are calculated there is no reason to worry. Your competition will have an exaggerated view of your capabilities and shall remain subdued. The only obstacle that can hurt you is a flight of fancy generated by Jupiter-Rahu opposition. Do not readily believe in so-called sure tips in the stock market or property, or any other business. Speculation will not yield the planned profits. It may even lead to losses.

Marriage remains unaffected and is likely to be happy throughout. There is no cause for worry.

Children will need careful handling. Constant monitoring, counseling and mentoring will prove very beneficial. Their affairs are stable but can be rocked by fanciful imagination. Overall they will do well.


Sagittarius sees a congregation of as many as six planets (discounting pluto) and a solar eclipse on 26/12/2019. This is indeed a cause for worry. If the proper remedies have been performed, not much damage is anticipated.

Saturn, however, leaves Sagittarius on 24/01/2020 and moves over to Capricorn in the second house. This improves the situation a great deal as both Saturn and Jupiter then become helpful planets and extricate Sagittarius born from testing times that have dogged their steps for the past five years.

Health becomes better and self-confidence increases as positive results slowly replace the past negativity. You will now contemplate buying a house or a car and be successful in your efforts. Mother’s love and affection are available in good measure. If ailing, her health improves.

There is a definite improvement in the financial situation as both income and savings get a boost. You will need thorough planning and meticulous execution to keep your business on an even keel. Any emotional move can backfire and it will. Hubris and conceit should be buried for the duration of the year if not forever.

Marriage may be rocked badly if you do not control your mulishness and off the cuff remarks.

Your children do rather well in studies and sports. Like a good gardener look after their interests periodically and remove the weeds that you find taking roots.

Relationships with siblings will remain cordial for the next thirty months. This is a good year for you and you must make the best use of it.


The Capricorn born are in the middle of a Sade Sati after 24/01/2020. That, however, is nothing to be scared of as Saturn passes first through his own and then Mool Trikon signs for the next five years. No planet harms the house that he owns and rules over.

Health becomes better and your self-confidence increases. This coupled with your communication ability is good for the first impressions that you make. Income certainly improves in 2020, and so do the savings. This trend continues for the next five years. You may spend on charity, pilgrimages and other such matters in the coming year.

Profession/business gets a boost in the coming year. It is however important that you plan everything well. Mistakes can cause you losses courtesy the presence of Rahu in the sixth house. Your competitors and opponents remain subdued.

Stable marriages mostly remain unaffected. Those suffering from a modicum of unrest may become a cause for concern. The best way to tackle this would be through an open and frank discussion. Those aspiring to get married may suffer some delay.

Children will do well in their efforts and be a source of happiness. They will bring some good news home in February 2020.


For those born with Moon in Aquarius, Saturn transits the twelfth house from 24/1/2020. This marks the beginning of the Sade Sati which is a dreaded event though, in reality, its bark is much stronger than its bite. Saturn passes through its own sign in the next thirty months so there will not be any real damage. The next thirty months after that Saturn will transit his Mool Trikon sign and actually be beneficial for you.

For Aquarius Lagna, ( whether birth or Chandra Lagna) Jupiter becomes an extremely important planet as he rules the two houses of income and wealth. Jupiter is transiting his Mool Trikon sign in the eleventh so his results will be fulsome and gratifying. Income and savings are both going to improve.

Business and professional prospects are also upbeat and you will make some positive strides in the coming years.

Your Health remains good throughout and so does your self-confidence. Together these two factors help you to put your best foot forward.

Marriage remains happy and stable. It is quite likely that there will be some

memorable moments together.

Your children may swing between being very cooperative to being downright adamant. Overall though, the situation will be in control. Some positive news about children is also very likely.


Saturn and Jupiter are both well placed and promise favorable support to the houses of profession and income. The transit of Saturn through the eleventh house always proves very lucky. Fame, prosperity, gain of wealth, increase in comforts, growth in the profession, and gains through women accrue in plenty. If connected to steel, machinery, cement, coal, and real estate the next thirty months can make you a wealthy man provide there is the support of the Dasha and Bhukti planets. Jupiter in the tenth house will provide his active support to your profession and business.

Your profession is likely to expand in the coming year. You may add more people to your workforce. Your social status and respect among your peers are bound to grow.

As Saturn transit through Capricorn and his degrees become higher, your income also improves. The growth may be slow but it brings with itself long term benefits. Your hard work will pay a dividend in the years to come.

Be careful if buying a car or real estate. Scrutinize the paperwork and the fine print carefully. Hire a lawyer if need be to tackle problems that may crop up. Rahu in the fourth is helpful but retains his propensity of throwing a wrench in the smoothly running machine.

Mother’s health remains satisfactory though an occasional hiccup may crop up.

Marriage comes under a cloud. The health of the spouse may cause worry. Some gains from a legacy connected to you or your spouse are possible though.

Rajiv Sethi


Written:  Sunday, December 29, 2019

Faridabad Haryana

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