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How Is June 2016 For You? Life tips from hinduvedicastro.in

Accurate horoscope matching and Marriage counseling through Vedic astrology – How will you do in June 2016?.

Aries: unfruitful running around is likely and causes frustration. Help from the family creates welcome changes. From 17th June onwards Retrograde Mars enters Libra and aspects Aries. This leads to increased self-confidence and leadership abilities. You apply yourself with new vigor to a new project.

Taurus: Lagna lord Venus and Sun remain in Taurus until twelfth June. This leads to improvement all around. Increase in self-ability and enjoyment of luxuries of life are indicated. Sun tends to make you angry and volatile. Transit of Venus through the second house brings about completion of projects which have been sluggish so far. Support of family becomes prominent.

Gemini: Mercury transits the twelfth house from eighth to 26th of June and brings about prospects of a long journey. This transit also increases unfruitful running around leading to increased expenses. Matters pertaining to state bureaucracy keep facing obstacles. Health and career both remain problem areas.

Cancer: Eleventh lord Venus is placed nicely and facilitates financial gains through profession. New contacts with right people creates favorable business environment. Comforts through the opposite sex are likely. Married people also experience happiness from children.

Leo: Rahu-Jupiter combination in the ascendant and transit of Sun through the tenth house of brings about adequate gains from profession. Religion and spirituality exert a special pull on you this month. A pilgrimage is likely. Saturn transiting the fourth house adds a modicum of restlessness in your mental state.

Virgo: Mercury transits the favorable ninth house from eighth to 27th June and leads to all-round improvement in your situation. Some stalled projects get revived this month due to good fortune. Expenses exceed income this month and you could change your residence.

Libra: Venus transits the eighth house until twelfth June. This pushes up the expenses, domestic complexities and health related issues. Venus is near the sun so her favorable results are curbed. Venus moves to the ninth house on 13th and will be helpful enough to bestow adequate funds to tide over usual expenses.

Scorpio: Sun and Saturn are directly opposed to each other until 13th June and Mars is retrograde. Relationship with siblings and brothers become sensitive. Same thing happens to partnership issues. Don’t be surprised if people you consider close behave like strangers. Mars transits the twelfth house from 17th June and causes injury, bad health and secret worries.

Sagittarius: Jupiter aspects Lagna and harmonizes activities in profession. Financial gains and promotion are likely despite some hindrances. Month end brings about long travel, increased expenses and fruitless activity. You remain tense.

Capricorn: Lagna and wealth lord Saturn is still retrograde and leads to uncertainty in family and financial matters. Tenth lord Venus is closes to sun and unable to give bet results. Despite this, enough income is generated to tide you over all expenses. 17th June onward Mars aspects Capricorn and facilitates social status, financial gains and professional progress.

Aquarius: professional success and increased income is very likely. A new plan will draw your attention. Religion and spirituality assume a special place in your mind. Uncertainty prevails after 13th June. Arguments with brothers and loss of temper are possible. Increased expenses, physical distress are likely.

Pisces: Despite obstacles, glimmer of better times will be visible. Some projects will move towards partial fruition. Lagna Lord Jupiter in the sixth house with Rahu has the potential to cause stomach and liver ailments. Secret worries and unknown fears will keep you worried.

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