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How is July 2016 for you?

I give below the results of planetary transits for each Rashi. A Rashi is the sign where the Moon is placed in your horoscope. It is not the sun sign of western astrology. There are two ways to know your Rashi. The easiest is to visit a free horoscope service on internet; the other is to write to me with your date, place and time of birth.


001.Aries image

Aries: The month starts with the seventh house aspect of Mars on Aries. This lasts until the eleventh July. You experience increased self confidence and forward movement of stuck projects. Twelfth onwards Mars enters Scorpio and makes a union with Saturn in the eighth house. This has the potential to weaken your health. It also creates needless running around and frustration. Plan well before you begin to act.


002.Taurus image

Taurus: Keep your cool and your focus and things will turn out just fine. Seventh July onward things are rosy. Progress in career and improved finances are indicated. Happiness from the opposite sex is very likely. Some family issues can be resolved with a little struggle. Children become a source of happiness this month.



003.gemini image

Gemini: Transit of Mercury through Gemini brings a windfall. Increase in social standing and completion of some delayed projects is likely. Mercury transits to Cancer on eleventh and has the potential to cause some health issues.



004.cancer image

Cancer: Mercury transits Cancer from eleventh to twenty-sixth July. Sun transits cancer from sixteenth July onward. Together these transits have the potential to create health issues like, upset stomach, impaired digestion and high blood pressure. Friction with siblings is set to increase. The negative trends mentioned above become passive after twenty-sixth July.



005.Leo image

Leo: Jupiter and Rahu are transiting the ascendant and tenth house aspect of Saturn falls on them. Domestic problems cause anguish. Career does middlingly well. Unexpected obstacles in your path cause irritation. Sun transits to the twelfth house on sixteenth and generates laziness and despondency. Extreme care is need while driving.



006.Virgo image

Virgo: Ascendant lord Mercury transits the tenth house and blesses you with profits from real estate. Eleventh July onward Mercury transits to the eleventh house. This causes many ups and downs but eventually gives financial gains and opportunity for growth.



007libra images

Libra: Mars transits this Rashi until eleventh and brings increased anger, mental unrest and quarrel with close relations.  Venus however is in the eleventh house and consistently helps with finances. Seventh July onward, Venus enters Cancer in the tenth house. This transit coupled with the last phase of Sade Sati make you work very hard to earn livelihood.



008.scorpio image

Scorpio: Mars remains in the twelfth house until the twelfth of July. This makes you angry and lose temper with close relations. Financial gains are a steep climb earlier this month. Expenses exceed income. Mars enters Scorpio on twelfth and brings good times with it. You benefit from well placed people. An injury is not ruled out.



9.Sagittarius image

Sagittarius: Month opens with aspects of Sun, Venus and Mercury on Lagna. This causes aggression and excitement. Financial gains are mediocre despite hard work but expenses remain high. Sun enters Cancer in the eighth house on sixteenth July and causes indifferent health with some niggles.



10.capricorn images

Capricorn: Venus aspects this Rashi from seventh to thirty first July. Sun too aspects this Rashi from sixteenth July until the end of the month. These transits cause complications and delays. Income will increase but so will the expenses. You indulge your senses this month. Government related work will face bureaucratic complications.



11.Aquarius image

Aquarius: Planned projects achieve partial success. Government related works move after hard work and ingenuity. Finances keep flowing in but married life is likely to pass through a bumpy phase. Give extra care to your health.




12.Pisces image

Pisces: Ninth lord Mars in the eighth house and Sun-Mercury-Venus combination in the fourth generate conflicting situation in the domestic and professional sphere. Sixteenth July onward Sun -Mercury-Venus combination in the fifth and Saturn-Mars combination in the ninth augur well for financial progress and career growth.


What do you think about this Blog? Do you feel that transit of planets impacts on human life? Please leave your comments.

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