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How is August 2016 for you?

I give below the results of planetary transits for each Rashi. A Rashi is the sign where the Moon is placed in your horoscope. It is not the sun sign of western astrology. There are two ways to know your Rashi. The easiest is to visit a free horoscope service on internet; the other is to write to me with your date, place and time of birth.

001.Aries image

Aries: Some health niggles may keep bothering you. Transit of Mars and Saturn through the eighth house creates ill health, obstacles and frustration. You feel like dropping everything and running away somewhere far, far away. From 11th August onward, Jupiter also moves to unfavorable sixth house. A secret worry and lack of money will keep you worried. Regular visit to Shani temple on Saturdays until 26th January 2017 is urgently needed.

002.Taurus image

Taurus: Retrograde Saturn aspects the fourth house and the fourth lord Sun to keep mother’s health indifferent. A vehicle is likely to demand an inflated bill for maintenance. Mentally you remain tense as you tackle an unexpected rise in  expenses. Lagna Lord Venus becomes Neech on 26th August and causes domestic strife. Exchange of hot words with close relatives should be avoided as much as possible. The health is not at its best this month.


003.gemini image

Gemini: Mercury transits the third house along with Rahu and forces you to waste your energy chasing elusive targets. Income is likely to dip but the situation improves after Mercury becomes exalted in Virgo on 19th August. This triggers new sources of income and meeting with new and helpful people. By the month end you are humming along nicely.


004.cancer image

Cancer: Transit of Sun through Cancer creates some health issues for the first two weeks. Differences of opinion with friends and dear ones are more than likely and should be handled carefully. 11th August onward, Ninth lord Jupiter transits Virgo  and blesses you with domestic happiness. Children related news makes you happy. If expecting a child this could be the month. For others, their children do very well.


005.Leo image

Leo: Presence of Jupiter in this sign at the beginning of the month brings partial success in planned projects. Your mind remains involved with spiritual and religious pursuits. Professionally this is a month of accomplishments. Sun enters Leo on 16th August and gives health wealth and happiness. You spend on amusements and gadgets to make your life happier.


006.Virgo image

Virgo: Jupiter enters this sign for one year on 11th August and right away causes an all round improvement in the situation. Your thoughts turn to spirituality and religion. A job promotion that was stuck for a while finally comes through. Some slack in income is likely. Venus enters Virgo and becomes Neech. This causes sadness and strife with your life partner.


007libra images

Libra: Rashi Lord Venus transits the 11th house along with Rahu until 25th August. This brings about an improvement in the prevailing situation. Your hard work and efforts are rewarded with increased income. You spend money on luxuries and good things of life. Enhanced status is very likely. Saturn transits through the last phase of Sade Sati and creates a sense of dissatisfaction.


008.scorpio image

Scorpio: Rashi Lord Mars in the Ascendant along with Saturn causes new plans and projects to take shape in your mind. You come in contact with new people and your efforts are rewarded with success. The second half causes expenses on some auspicious activity or function. You are advised to keep aggression and anger under strict control as it has the potential to undo a lot of what you can achieve.


9.Sagittarius image

Sagittarius: You are in the beginning of Sade Sati which keeps you tense, causes domestic strife and induces arguments with friends and siblings.  Financial gains are mediocre despite hard work but expenses remain high. Jupiter in the 10th house after 11th August  generates needless running around and wasted efforts that achieve very little.


10.capricorn images

Capricorn: Despite extra hard work, financial situation remains tense. 11th August onward Jupiter’s Neech aspect on this Rashi brings adverse situations in your way that are hard to negotiate. Professionally this is a very busy month. Unwarranted and sudden expenses may cause dismay. Keep relentless track of your diet, life style, money and efforts.

11.Aquarius image

Aquarius: Jupiter’s own aspect on Sagittarius Rashi in the 11th house boosts income and brings about something auspicious to happen. Comforts of new clothes, real estate and vehicles are also available now. Your religious and spiritual aspirations become strong and you may spend money on charity and pilgrimage.


12.Pisces image

Pisces: Jupiter aspects its own Rashi in Lagna and makes you spend time and money in spiritual and religious activities. A steady cooperation from family proves very helpful. Mercury moves to Virgo in the 7th house and aspects Lagna. This may cause some mental tension and indifferent health. A secret worry will gnaw at your mind.

What do you think about this Blog? Do you feel that transit of planets impacts on human life? Please leave your comments.

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