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Gemstones for Leo. Part-I

In this Blog we shall take a look at what role the nine planets play for Leo ascendant. Once we determine whether a planet is beneficial, harmful or neutral, we can can either neutralize its power or augment it to suit us. As usual we shall start with Sun.


Leo ascendant

Sun becomes the lord of the first house, and these persons develop the traits of the Lagna Lord Sun. If Sun is strong they become, brave, strong and influential. They acquire ruling power and possess strong heart and bones. Weak Sun gives dishonor, weak eyes, heart trouble and belly problems. They oppose the government of the day. If Sun is weak it becomes imperative to strengthen him.

The representative gemstone of Sun is red Ruby. The minimum weight that is required for a red Ruby to become effective is five Carats. Bigger is always better. This should be set in a gold ring, and worn on the ring finger of the right hand. The setting of the gemstone should be such that it touches the skin and trickle charges the body. Such a ring will bring about freedom from all types of health issues connected to stomach. It would bring increased favors from the government. All children related matters will get a significant boost. A Ruby ring will also bring about an increase in good fortune.

This ring should be worn on a Sunday falling within five days of Purnima or the full Moon day. The ring should be washed in Milk and water mixture and then patted dry. It should be then dipped in Turmeric powder and kept aside.

01.Sun Yantra

On a silver or stainless steel plate make the Surya Yantra as given below with a mixture of Roli and water. After it dries, place the Ruby ring on the Yantra and offer it incense and a lighted lamp. Chant the Surya Mantra 108 times and then wear the ring on the ring finger of the right hand.

ॐ ह्रां ह्रीं ह्रौं सः सूर्याय नमः

This procedure mentioned above is called Pran Pratishtha or infusing the ring with energy and should be done every two years.

The favorable results of the Ruby become apparent with in the first forty days. There is an immediate enhancement in health. Digestion improves and eyesight stops deteriorating further. Bone density increases. For those suffering from fractured bone, Ruby is a God send. Ditto for those convalescing after a heart attack, illness or surgery. Children begin to do well and there is a distinct improvement in the relationship with the bosses. Any work or project which is snarled up in the bureaucracy becomes tangle free and moves forward. Ruby gives all round success.

The lord ship of Moon over twelfth house indicates that the native is given to luxury and enjoyment. This is more so if Moon is linked to Lagna or the fourth house and their lords. If Moon is away from Sun and is strong, she increases the prospects of the house where she is located. Moon does not suffer from the blemish of the lordship of the twelfth house and so she needs to be strengthened for all Leo born. However if Moon is connected to Saturn or Rahu in any way, the need becomes paramount.

The representative gem for Moon is pearl. It’s minimum weight for astrological purposes is five Carats, though bigger is always better. The Pearl should be set in a silver ring and worn on the little finger of the right hand. The setting of the Pearl should allow

02.Moon Yantra

it to touch the finger. Wash the ring with milk-water mixture and pat it dry. The ring should be worn on a Monday falling with in five days of Purnima or the full Moon day. On a silver or stainless steel plate make the Chandra Yantra given below with a mixture of Roli and a little water. After it dries, place the Pearl ring on the Yantra and offer it incense and a lighted lamp.

Then chant the Moon Mantra given below 108 times and wear the ring.

ॐ  श्रां  श्रीं  श्रौं सः  चन्द्रमसे नमः

With in forty days of wearing the Yantra it will bring about mental tranquility, peace and prosperity. For those whose mother is battling bad health, Pearl is a boon. If Moon is associated with Saturn or Rahu in any form or manner, it causes a great deal of mental anguish. In cases of severe affliction it takes away the mother altogether. A pearl is the surest way to counter these.

Mars owns the fourth and ninth houses and simultaneous ownership of a Kendra and Trikon house makes him a Raj Yog Karak. If strong Mars gives high quality affluence and power during his period. Such a person gains from real estate and car dealership. There are gains from father as well. The stronger Mars gets the better results he gives, The mother lives long, the native achieves high status, wealth, fame etc. A weak Mars causes early death of father. An afflicted Mars also denotes trouble in the scrotum of father as Mars becomes the lord of the eighth house and eighth sign from the house of father.

It is thus self evident that Mars should always be strengthened, and this is easily done by wearing his gemstone. Blood red

03.Mars Yantra

Coral represents Mars. The minimum weight of the Coral should be five Carats though bigger is always better. It is set in a silver ring and worn on the ring finger of the right hand. A composite ring with Ruby and Coral studded together will work wonderfully well as it would represent the merging of the energies of the fourth and fifth house.

The Coral ring should be washed with milk-water mixture and then worn on a Tuesday falling with in five days of Purnima or the full Moon day. On such a Tuesday, make the following Yantra on a silver or stainless steel plate with Roli and water mixture. Allow it to dry and then place the ring on the Yantra. Offer incense and a lighted lamp and chant the Mars Mantra given below 108 times.

ॐ क्रां  क्रीं  क्रौं  सः भौमाय नमः

This energizes the Coral ring and it becomes fully capable of giving the desired results. With in forty days it shall make a significant improvement in wealth, fame and good fortune. A long anticipated promotion will come about and state bureaucracy will be favorably inclined. Mother’s health will become better. There will be an increase in happiness also. If contemplating buying a house or office, it shall facilitate the process.

Mercury becomes the lord of two houses of finance, second and twelfth. It also becomes the planet of value and plenty. Whichever house or house lord Mercury associates with, he enhances the value of, and makes it rich and of high value. Strong Mercury gives much wealth. Such a person earns through interest on deposits. Eleventh giving earnings through second house of finance. If Sun and Mercury are conjunct and Jupiter aspects them, the native becomes bold, courageous, respected and in the good books of the government. He gains through rents and interests. If Rahu or Ketu are placed in eleventh or the second house, and Mercury is placed in the fifth or ninth houses, and there is a benefic influence on Mercury, then the sub period of Mercury brings a wind fall in the shape of a lottery or a prize. If eleventh house and Mercury are under the aspect of Mars the mother is short lived. Weak Mercury gives hindrance in education, loss of wealth in early age and separation from parents. He may be ugly with a speech defect.

It is thus highly desirable to boost the power of Mercury. This is easily done by boosting the power of Mercury through its

04.Mercury Yantra

representative gemstone Emerald. An Emerald weighing at least five carats set in a gold ring and worn on the little finger of the right hand will prove beneficial. The gem should touch the finger. The ring should be worn for the first time on a Wednesday falling with in five days of the full Moon day.

Wash the ring with Milk-water mixture and pat it dry. On a silver or stainless steel platter make the following Yantra with Roli-water mixture and chant the Mercury Mantra given below 108 times.

ॐ  ब्रां  ब्रीं  ब्रौं सः बुधये  नमः

A lamp should be lit and burning incense should be offered to the Yantra.

A properly energized Emerald ring, with in forty days shall bring about a palpable change in the financial situation. Income and wealth will both begin to increase and so will domestic happiness. If there is a speech defect or acne problem on the face, that too shall slowly be cured.

What do you think of this Blog? please leave your comments in the comments section.

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