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Gemstones for Cancer Part-I

In this Blog we shall take a look at what role the nine planets play for Cancer ascendant. Once we determine whether a planet is beneficial, harmful or neutral, we can can either neutralize its power or augment it to suit us. A usual we shall start with Sun.

Sun becomes the lord of the second house and rules over face, mouth, speech, food, domestic happiness, ruling

Cancer ASC 3

powers and wealth. Early education also comes under his domain. A strong Sun gives high authority as Sun represents the state and the second house governs ruling powers. There is a royal touch in speech. The mother gets a number of elder brothers. Weak Sun gives eye problems, sufferings at the hands of the government and opposition from the family. It is always a good idea for Cancer ascendants to strengthen the second lord Sun. Sun and Mars together in the tenth house give great affluence through speculative ventures; however Mars mustn’t be combust. In such case, boosting the power of Sun will give added benefit.

The Red Ruby is the representative stone of Sun. The minimum weight that is required for a red Ruby to become effective is five Carats. Bigger is always better. This should be set in a gold ring, and worn on the ring finger of the right hand. The setting of the gemstone should be such that it touches the skin and trickle charges the body. Such a ring will bring about freedom from all types of health issues connected to stomach. It would bring increased favors from the government. All children related matters will get a significant boost. A Ruby ring will also bring about an increase in good fortune.

This ring should be worn on a Sunday falling within five days of Purnima or the full Moon day. The ring should be washed in Milk

01.Sun Yantra

and water mixture and then patted dry. It should be then dipped in Turmeric powder and kept aside.

On a silver or stainless steel plate make the Surya Yantra as given below with a mixture of Roli and water.
After it dries, place the Ruby ring on the Yantra and offer it incense and a lighted lamp. Chant the Surya Mantra 108 times and then wear the ring on the ring finger of the right hand.

ॐ ह्रां ह्रीं ह्रौं सः सूर्याय नमः

This procedure mentioned above is called Pran Pratishtha or infusing the ring with energy and should be done every two years.

The favorable results of the Ruby become apparent with in the first forty days. Domestic peace and happiness increases, accretion of wealth shows an upward trend and health of the spouse becomes better. A blocked promotion is easily tackled by this ring. All problems connected to bureaucracy begin to abate. It is a must have, must wear gemstone for Cancer Ascendant.

Moon becomes the lord of the Lagna (Ascendant) and rules over the body, health, stature, head, wealth, fame, and longevity. Since Moon is also a Karak for mind he becomes a very important planet for cancer Ascendant as he now begins to have a direct bearing on the thought process also. If Moon is in the grip of Saturn or Rahu or both, one becomes very moody and loses grip over emotions. One also becomes easy prey to depression. If Mercury and fourth lord Venus also get involved in this Yog, the problem becomes acute. This is especially true for this Lagna. The remedy involves strengthening the Moon through her representative gem Pearl and pacification of Rahu and Saturn. Moon in the same sign as Sun loses all her Paksh Bal and becomes weak. It then becomes imperative to wear a Pearl ring.

The minimum weight of a pearl for astrological purposes is five Carats, bigger is always better. The pearl must always be set in a silver ring and worn on the little finger of the right hand. The setting of the Pearl should allow it to touch the finger.

Pearl ring should be worn on a Monday falling with in five days of Purnima or the full Moon day. Wash the ring with milk-water

02.Moon Yantra

mixture and pat it dry. On a silver or stainless steel plate make the Chandra Yantra given below with a mixture of Roli and a little water. After it dries, place the Pearl ring on the Yantra and offer it incense and a lighted lamp. Then chant the Moon Mantra given below 108 times and wear the ring.
ॐ  श्रां  श्रीं  श्रौं सः  चन्द्रमसे नमः

With in forty days of wearing the Yantra it will bring about mental tranquility, peace and prosperity. Wealth will begin to increase as will the social status. For those whose mother is battling bad health, Pearl is a boon. If Moon is associated with Saturn or Rahu in any form or manner, it causes a great deal of mental anguish. In cases of severe affliction it takes away the mother altogether. A pearl is the surest way to counter these.

Mars becomes the lord of the fifth and tenth houses. The simultaneous ownership of a Kendra and Trikon houses elevates him to the status of a Raj Yog Karak planet. A strong Mars gives finances and ruling power. One rises high because of his intellect, logical thinking and advisory capacity. He becomes famous because of it. A weak Mars gives problems due to progeny and belly problems.

Mars becomes exalted in the seventh house and gives excellent results due to Kahal Yoga. From here Mars aspects the tenth house and sign Aries boosting the results. The person becomes an excellent advisor and attains the rank of a minister. He becomes very famous as well as affluent. It is evident that a strong Mars is highly desirable for Cancer Ascendant.

Mars is represented by Blood red Coral. The minimum weight of the Coral should be five Carats though bigger is always better. It

03.Mars Yantra

is set in a silver ring and worn on the ring finger of the right hand. The Coral ring should be washed with milk-water mixture and then worn on a Tuesday falling with in five days of Purnima or the full Moon day. On such a Tuesday, make the following Yantra on a silver or stainless steel plate with Roli and water mixture. Allow it to dry and then place the ring on the Yantra. Offer incense and a lighted lamp and chant the Mars Mantra given below 108 times.

ॐ क्रां  क्रीं  क्रौं  सः भौमाय नमः

This energizes the Coral ring and it becomes fully capable of giving the desired results. With in forty days it will make a significant improvement in financial gains by increasing income. One’s social status will show an upward movement and gains through speculation will become obvious. The most welcome change will be shown in the affairs of the children. They begin to bloom, their health improves and grades get better.

Mercury becomes the lord of twelfth and third houses. If Mercury falls in fifth in Scorpio, it is adversely situated from both his signs, sixth from Gemini and third from Virgo. Mercury in this case will harm the prospects of both twelfth and third houses. More so because its in the sign of his arch enemy Mars. Now if Mercury is under no benefic influence at all, and the twelfth and the third houses are also bereft of benefic influence, the evil denoted by the third and twelfth house is completely destroyed. Mercury in such a case will give extra ordinary affluence. Severe affliction of Mercury however gives short life to native unless there are other yoga for longevity. Fifth house Mercury for cancer Ascendant must be left untouched.

However if the Horoscope simply demands that Mercury be strengthened, the best way to do it is through Emerald, which is his representative stone. An Emerald weighing at least five carats set in a gold ring and worn on the little finger of the right hand will prove beneficial. The gem should touch the finger. The ring should be worn for the first time on a Wednesday falling with in five days of the full Moon day.

04.Mercury Yantra

Wash the ring with Milk-water mixture and pat it dry. On a silver or stainless steel platter make the following Yantra with Roli-water mixture and chant the Mercury Mantra given below 108 times.
ॐ  ब्रां  ब्रीं  ब्रौं सः बुधये  नमः

A lamp should be lit and burning incense should be offered to the Yantra. A properly energized Emerald ring, with in forty days shall bring about a palpable relief from intestinal diseases and strengthen the kidney functions. Lungs will become stronger and problems like Asthma, emphysema etc. will begin to lessen. Self confidence will show a distinct enhancement. Any existing skin conditions will be slowly cured.

What do you think about the use of gemstones? Please share your views. One lucky winner will get detailed answer to his one question absolutely free. 

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