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Does the Mahadasha of the sixth lord/planets in the sixth house give depression?

The main culprits in any depression-like situation are Saturn and Rahu. Moon represents the mind. If Moon is low in Pakshbal one is likely to get into a depression if Saturn and/or Rahu aspect her or are conjunct with her. This would be true even for Taurus Moon. The other planet to look for is Mercury as it represents the intellect and problem-solving capacity of a person. If Mercury is placed weak in the chart and if it is influenced by Rahu/Saturn etc. then too one may suffer from depression. If Moon and Mercury are both affected by these planets then the depression will be chronic and recurring. If both are week then schizophrenia may result especially if the Lagna is a Dwiswabhav Rashi.

The sixth lord in the sixth does not give adverse results. In case the sixth house is occupied by Saturn, Rahu, or Mars the results are generally good as they weaken the sixth house. Ditto for the eighth and the twelfth lords.

Rahu in the sixth house gives extramarital affairs as it occupies the twelfth house of sexual fulfillment from the seventh house of marriage. Rahu in the twelfth house from the seventh brings the denial of sex to the partner due to alien person/s.

The remedy would consist of strengthening the Moon and Mercury through a gemstone and propitiating Saturn and Rahu through a Stotra or Mantra.

The use of chemicals and drugs never really helps in curing depression. These may remove the symptoms for a while but that is not as much due to the effect of the drugs as due to the fact that the Bhukti that is causing depression has changed. The symptoms will recur after a malefic Bhukti starts.

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