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BJP prospects in 2017 UP elections

In the last Blog we studied the birth chart and electoral prospects of Sh. Akhilesh Yadav. He certainly has a chart to reckon with. In the present Blog we shall take a close look at the birth chart of the Bhratiya Janta Party and assess its electoral fortunes in 2017 UP elections. At first glance it appears to be an ordinary horoscope with not much going for the party; but look carefully at the Chandra Kundli, it is bristling with Yoga. Following the laws laid down by Maharishi Parashar we will pick up the chart that is strongest of the birth, Chandra and Surya. In the present case that happens to be the Chandra Kundli or the Moon chart.


Salient features of the Chandra Kundli

  • Lagna lord Mars is placed in the tenth house in a friendly sign.

  • Second and fifth lord Jupiter is also placed in the tenth house and makes a powerful Yog with the Lagna Lord.

  • There is exchange of tenth and fifth lords.

  • Lord of the fourth house Saturn is placed in the tenth house indicating that people will support the party.

  • Eleventh lord Moon is placed in the fourth house indicating that there will always be ample funds available to the party.

  • Lord of the seventh house is placed in the seventh house; this shows that party will have a strong attraction for the masses and will always espouse the cause of women.

Looking at the Navamsa chart the following facts emerge

  • Venus is placed in Pushkar Navamsa and exalted

  • Mercury is placed in Pushkar Navamsa.

  • Saturn too is placed in Pushkar Navamsa.

  • Mars is placed in its Mool Trikon Rashi.

The problem areas

Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, three key planets are all retrograde. Although it makes them powerful like exalted planets, it also makes them give their results very slowly.

We shall now examine the Lagna, second, fourth, seventh, ninth and tenth houses of the Chandra Kundli as they all pertain to the acquisition of power and governance.

The first house

The Lagna of the Chandra Kundli is Scorpio whose lord Mars is placed in the tenth house in a friendly sign. Sun the dispositor of Mars is not only placed in the fifth house it also makes a powerful exchange Yog with the fifth lord. This hugely benefits Mars. The Chandra Lagna itself is weak with Bhav Bal of only 387 Shashtiamsha. The Janma Lagna is also weak at 367 Shastiamsha. This has important ramification for the party. It implies that the party will simply have to select a strong candidate for the post of Chief or prime minister in every election and declare the name in advance. That stupid tactic of declaring the name after the elections will never work for the BJP. The Lagnas are simply not strong enough to generate enthusiasm in the electorate on the basis of party name alone.

The second house

The second house is strong with a Bhav Bal of 581 units. This indicates that the party has a good chance of having a shot at the ruling powers and making a government. The second lord Jupiter is 131% strong and highly beneficial with a very comfortable ratio of desirable/undesirable results at 49.35/10.65. Jupiter also makes a Parivartan Yog with the tenth lord Sun and is extremely helpful in facilitating the party in grabbing power. The second house in Lagna chart is also very strong with 454 units. Its lord Mars is also powerful.

The fourth house

This house pertains to the electorate and their loyalty. The fourth house in the Chandra Kundli gets 367 units and is weak. The fourth house in the Janma Kundli also gets only 340 units. The fourth lord Saturn of Chandra Kundli is also weak with only 85% of minimum required strength. Fourth lord Mercury of Janma Kundli  is also weak with only 83% strength. He is however highly beneficial and can deliver the required results with minimum effort.  This is a very worrisome factor the party because it implies that the support base is not wide enough and voter loyalty not strong enough to win elections. It implies that extra effort will have to be put in the electoral battle to emerge victorious. A strong candidate with the right vote bank math will be required every time. The charisma of the central leadership alone will not deliver a victory. It also implies that the Hindu vote bank can only be lost sight of at the cost of a crushing defeat. It is the Unique Selling Proposition of the party and diluting it with secularism will cost the party dearly.

The seventh house

This house rules over how the party relates to the public at large and its image in the masses. It also rules over party’s relationship with other parties as well as  foreign policy of the party when in power. The seventh house is fairly strong with 425 units of strength. Its lord Venus is also very strong with 137% of the minimum required strength. Venus is also highly beneficial with a ratio of desirable/undesirable results at 49.30/10.70. The seventh house is therefore strong and beneficial. The party will always be perceived as an honest party with strong ethical and moral values. In the Janma Kundli Jupiter becomes the seventh lord and gives exactly similar results.

We must differentiate here the subtle difference between the results of the fourth house of electorate and the seventh house of public perception. The fourth house is the reality that gets converted to vote share. A shining public image of the seventh house needs to be funneled into the electoral machine to get converted to votes.

The ninth house

This house relates to religion, spirituality and higher knowledge. Favors from government, intellect, wisdom, fortune, philosophy, pilgrimage to holy places and attention to Dharma also fall under the ninth house. The ninth house is strong with 454 units of strength and its lord Moon is fairly strong at 126% of required strength. The ratio of desirable/undesirable results for Moon is however askew at 23.34/36.66. Moon is apt to do more harm than good as far as the house is concerned. Although the party brings Hindutva to the fore when fighting the elections, it sends it to cold storage after the polling is over. It does not matter whether the party wins or loses. Hindutva is not its main plank but an electoral prop. This is the problem and party has paid for it dearly in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

In the Janma Kundli the ninth house gets 367 units while its lord Saturn gets a paltry 85% strength

This discussion will not be complete without looking at the eighth house of longevity of BJP. The eighth house in Janma and Chandra Kundli is weak and does not show a long life to the party in its present form. From 2021 to 2023 the BJP may be reborn as a new party with a similar name. This will be necessitated by the pro Hindutva and pro secular factions in the party.

The tenth house

The tenth house represents the kingdom, government, and governance. It represents what the election and other battles are fought for. The tenth house in Janma chart is very strong. In the Chandra Kundli also the tenth house is extremely strong. The tenth lord in Janma Kundli is Jupiter and gets 131% strength. In the Chandra Kundli Sun becomes the tenth house lord and gets 146% of the required strength. Tenth house is undoubtedly is very robust and capable of giving the reins of power to the party.

The coming UP elections

The coming elections are due in the middle of 2017. However they might be held earlier towards the end of the current year if the election commission feels that it will facilitate the polling process and voter turnout. The heat and dust of UP does become a problem for everybody involved and that includes the political parties, the executive and the electorate.

For the BJP, the elections will be fought in the Sun-Venus period that runs from 26/10/2016 to 21/10/2017. Both planets are powerful and beneficial and will help the party in making impressive gains. More information will be available after the polling dates are announced as the Pratyantar Dasha operating at that time will become clear. Period from 27/4/2017 to 10/8/2017 is highly beneficial for the party. From 4/3/2017 to 27/4/2017 is not a good period and should polling take place in this period it will reduce the chances of party of making a comeback.

Jupiter transits the favorable eleventh house and gives wealth and fame. Enemies are defeated and one gets success in every venture. Increase in business and promotion in service definitely occur. One gets comforts of a high order and a luxurious life. Government and progeny both become sources of contentment.

Saturn traverses through the second house from Moon. Saturn has the Paya of silver and gives positive results like gains of/from real estate, smooth relations with opposition and formation of government.

Looking at the chart it is crystal clear that the party should decide the face of the CM before it goes to polls. Anything else will fall flat on its face and hurt the image of the BJP. The second imperative is that the projected CM is a strong leader in his own right. Mere seniority in UP politics will sabotage the election process from the start. A namby pamby person will simply not do. It would help if he has a powerful horoscope as the opponent is going to be Sh. Akhilesh Yadav who has a powerful chart and is going to be strong leader in times to come.

In the present bouquet that the BJP holds in its hands, Rajnath Singh and Kalraj Mishra are wilted flowers who will never bloom again. Yogi Aditya Nath is too aggressive to become a CM. Varun Gandhi has no grass root support and is a typical Gandhi family leader. Smriti Irani has the leadership qualities but has no experience of governance. That is her Achilles’ heel. Unfortunately her birth details are unknown so nothing can be said about her future. Clearly Mr. Amit Shah has his work cut out for him and I wish him the very best of luck.

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