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Akhilesh Yadav in 2017 UP state elections

The birth details of Sh. Akhilesh Yadav have been taken from the News 24 TV program video published by them on internet. According to this, Sh. Akhilesh Yadav was born on 1/7/1973 at 00.00 hours in Saifai Etawah district in UP. Based on this information the following birth chart emerges.

The highlights of the chart are given below.

  • Lagna Lord Jupiter is placed Neech in the eleventh house. However there is a complete Neech Bhang giving rise to a Raj Yog. Most importantly, Jupiter is placed in the 64th Navamsa from Moon. This indicates career setbacks whenever there is a malefic transit effect over Jupiter.

  • Jupiter, the Lagna and tenth lord is placed in the eighth house in the Navamsa chart under aspect of Ketu. Saturn aspects the Lagna.

  • There is a Parivartan or exchange Yog in the Lagna chart. Fourth lord Mercury goes to the fifth house while fifth lord Moon is placed in the fourth house. The same Yog materializes as the exchange between Lagna and second house lords in the Chandra Kundli or the Moon chart. This is a very helpful Yog. Moon and Mercury are both placed in Pushkar Navamsa.

  • There is no planet in the 6,8,12 houses in the Lagna chart which is good. In the Chandra Kundli tenth lord Jupiter is placed in the eighth house.

  • Saturn is Uchha in Navansh chart but placed in Nidhanamsha

  • Venus is Neech in Navansh chart and placed in Bharyamsha.

  • Mercury is Uchha in Navamsa chart and placed in Bharyamsha.

  • Moon has no Paksh Bal what so ever but placed in Pushkar Navamsa

  • In the Dashamsh chart Tenth lord Jupiter is placed in the twelfth house.

  • Rahu is placed in the tenth house in both Rashi and Navamsa charts.

In a political chart, two houses assume special importance. The fourth house rules over masses or the electorate. Strong fourth house and fourth house lord indicate a successful political career with grass root support. Election victory or defeat is a transient features. It is the grass root support makes a great leader.

The other house that makes a successful politician is the tenth house. All the activity of successful election battles finally funnels into gain of political power. Tenth house denotes gain of power and its application for good governance. A weak tenth house and its Lord produce leaders like Sh. Rahul Gandhi who have zero inclination or capacity to govern.

There are two more houses; the second and the ninth which when strong greatly help the process of wielding power. Power remains available to the person due to one reason or another. The second house rules over governing powers while the ninth house tells us the good fortune one has brought forward from past lives.

We shall now analyze the Lagna, fourth, tenth, second and ninth houses and see what we get.


Lagna is weak because Lagna Lord Jupiter gets only 98% of the required Shad Bal. Jupiter is placed in Capricorn in the eleventh house where he becomes Neech. There is a Neech Bhang Yog which is beneficial. However Jupiter is placed in the eighth house in the Navansh chart, and in the twelfth house in the Dashamsh chart. These are worrisome placements.

Rahu occupies the Mool Trikon Rashi of Jupiter in the tenth house. This indicates that Islamic factor will negatively interfere with his professional success through wrong assessments.

Navansh chart

First house



Second house


Third house


Fourth house



Fifth house


Sixth house



Seventh house


Mercury, Venus

Eighth house


Saturn, Mars

Ninth house


Tenth house


Eleventh house


Twelfth house


Ketu, Sun

The placement of Mars and Saturn in Nidhanamsa is not good as it lessens the support of these two important planets.

The second and ninth houses

The second house is extremely strong along with its lord Mars. Mars is 181% strong in Shad Bal and very favorable. Its ratio of desirable/undesirable results is 47.67/12.33. This makes the ninth house also very strong as Mars rules both. This strength of the second and ninth houses is the key to Akhilesh’s success story. Mars also represents the father and that straightaway says two things. The father is an extremely powerful man and he is the central figure in the life of Akhilesh Yadav. The strength and beneficence of Mars creates a powerful Raj Yog. He is here to stay in the UP politics and remain a force to reckon with.

Mars makes Akhilesh a self made man. There is much money made through self effort. He is likely to suffer from stomach and tooth troubles. Blood and anus are problem areas.  Pain in the waist area is likely. There may be red mark on the feet.

Mars is placed in Nidhanamsa and this reduces its goodness. Mars gives problems in love affairs and only a few children. There is little respect for elders and intellectuals. Relatives create problems. Mars also gives self doubt. The mind is capricious and moves from one idea to another. The body is short and the temper quick. This coupled with weak Moon, its proximity to Saturn and opposition by Rahu in the tenth house spells serious errors in judgment. This is a major weakness for a politician. Rahu is the tenth is not an outright boon as many might feel. Rahu represents the Muslims and his aspect on powerless Moon indicates that the Muslim card will always weigh heavily on Sh. Akhilesh’s mind. Bad judgments are very likely.

The fourth house

This is the weak link in the chain as it gets a modest 351 units of Bhav Bal. Fourth lord Mercury is adequately strong in Shad Bal but not overly so. Fortunately it is Uchha in Navansh chart and also placed in Pushkar Navamsa. The exchange of the fourth and fifth lords makes a powerful Raj Yog. Mercury makes Akhilesh loved and respected by general public.

Fifth lord Moon is placed in the fourth house without any Paksh Bal. Moon is in union with Saturn and under aspect of Rahu in the tenth house. This shows an inability to deal with stress and take sound decisions when under strain.  Moon represents mother and its affliction denies maternal happiness.

Saturn in fourth house causes sickness during childhood. Sudden losses, colic pains and wind disorders are likely. Saturn although exalted in the Navansh chart, is placed in Nidhanamsha and causes ailments.

Sun in fourth house gives a kind heart and many friends. There is likeness for singing and music. Sun is the sixth lord and afflicted by Saturn and Rahu. It is placed in Vyayamsha, this indicates not much happiness and occasional losses.

Ketu in fourth house removes mother’s love and denies comforts from friends. One has to guard against licentiousness and liaison with women of other religions. Ketu is also placed in Vyayamsha and could cause heavy losses.

The tenth house

The tenth house in Akhilesh’s chart is quite strong. The lord of the tenth house Jupiter is placed Neech in the eleventh house but gets a complete Neech Bhang. The weakness in Shad Bal however reamains intact. Jupiter is placed in the eighth house in Navansh chart and the twelfth house in Dashamsh chart. These are not good placements and can cause serious problems. let us first examine the placement of Lagna and tenth lord in the Dashamsh chart. Jupiter is placed in the 64th Navamsa from Moon. Any bad aspect and transit over Jupiter will tell heavily on career.

Nowr we shall look at the placement of Lagna lord and tenth lord in Dashamsha chart. We shall also look at Sun which is the Karak for political success and Saturn which represents the masses

Lagna lord of birth chart in Dashamsh chart

Jupiter becomes the Lagna and the tenth lord, and is placed in the twelfth house in the Dashamsh Kundli. Ketu aspects Jupiter. These factors show restricted growth and problems in professional sphere.

Since Jupiter represents the self as well as profession, this placement is a cause for worry.

Lagna Lord of Dashamsh chart

Jupiter becomes the Lagna and tenth lord in Dashamsh Kundli as well and only reinforces the problems mentioned above.


Sun which owns the sixth house in the birth chart is placed in the ninth house in the Dashamsha chart. Mars which is the dispositor of Sun is placed in Lagna providing strength to Sun. Sun is the Karak of political power and this is not an unhelpful placement.


Saturn the eleventh lord in the birth chart is placed in the fourth house in Dashamsh chart. Mercury the dispositor of Saturn is placed with Venus in the third house in exaltation. Saturn is Uchha in the Navansh chart and facilitates the support of the common man.

Interference by close relatives

The younger brothers of father are represented by the eleventh house and eleventh lord. Jupiter which is the tenth lord is placed there with a Neechbhang. Saturn is placed in the fourth house of happiness aspected by Rahu. Saturn occupies Nidhanamsa so opposition and pinpricks from that direction will continue. Pressure to make governance suited to the desires of the paternal uncles will also be there.

The third house rules over siblings. Third lord Venus is Neech in Navamsa so not much help and support should be expected from that direction.

2012 elections

The polling for the elections was held from 8/2/2012 to 3/3/2012. The Dasha-Bhukti running during this phase was Mercury-Ketu-Mercury which was very favorable and helped the party get 224 seats.

Transit Saturn was aspecting the tenth house; Jupiter too was aspecting the tenth house. The combined aspect of these two massive planets on the house of governance along with the favorable Dasha-Bhukti was chiefly responsible for the grand success.

Akhilesh government came to power on 15/3/2012. Let us see the Dasha Bhukti operating then. The Mahadasha running at that time was of Mercury which is a Yog Karak planet for Akhilesh Yadav. The Antardasha was of Venus who is placed in the fifth house and conjunct with Mercury. Venus is a bad planet for Pisces Lagna as it owns the third and eighth houses. Venus is Neech in Navansh chart and so constitutes a Neechbhang Rajyog.

Elections 2017

There are two scenarios for the upcoming elections in UP. If the elections are held around mid 2017, these will be held in Mercury-Mars period which is very favorable for Sh. Akhilesh Yadav and he stands a good chance of repeating the success story.

In case the election commission chooses to hold the elections before 23/3/2017, the polling will take place during Mercury-Moon period which is not very favorable. In this case there will be an attrition of vote share for Samajwadi party.

In the next Blog “BJP fortunes in UP 2017 elections”

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