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Transit Of Jupiter and Saturn in 2016 Part – II. Life tips from hinduvedicastro.in

Read this easy to understand Blog on why transit Jupiter and Saturn play an extremely important role in deciding what you will enjoy and suffer in 2016

In the previous blog we discussed the transit of Jupiter through Leo. In this article we shall take a look at the results of transit of Jupiter through Virgo from 12/11/2016 to 12/09/2017. Given below is what every sign from Aries to Pisces will experience during this phase.

In Vedic astrology, we consider the transit results of planets from the Moon, and not from the Ascendant. If you know your Moon sign also called Rashi, please read on. In case you don’t know your Moon sign you can send your date, place and time of birth to me and I shall send you your Moon sign.

Aries: Jupiter transits the sixth house and pushes up expenses and possibility of a disease. Hidden enemies try to create obstacles for you. Arguments and quarrels with brothers and cousins are likely.

Taurus: Jupiter transits the fifth house and is bountiful for a whole year. Real estate, vehicles and progress in higher education are promised. If planning to get married this is the best time to do so. People in high places are helpful and open new doors for you.

Gemini: Comforts are scarce but hard work abounds. Financial losses are indicated. Unless you are careful, real estate and vehicle deals can cause a loss. Despite all this money will be available to tide over all expenses.

Cancer: Average earnings and sudden expenses are indicated. Brothers and sisters may experience some health issues. Domestic quarrels keep you tense and on edge.

Leo: Financial gains and expenditure on auspicious occasions is indicated. New contacts with people in high places prove fruitful. You may undertake a long journey for sightseeing purpose. A pilgrimage is not ruled out. Spirituality has a distinct pull for you.

Virgo: Jupiter transits the Lagna and brings a lot of hard work with it. Finances are just enough to tide over expenses but they keep coming. Your thoughts turn to religion and God. You must watch out for an illness.

Libra: Jupiter transits the twelfth house and reduces financial gains. Domestic and professional problem are indicated. You face delays everywhere and chafe at it.

Scorpio: Financial gains and opportunities to make professional progress are very likely. Real estate and vehicle related deals will prove profitable after some delay. Meeting with a lover after a separation is indicated.

Sagittarius: You have to work real hard to make money but it comes eventually. You need to keep your mental unrest in control otherwise it can wreck your health. Yoga and meditation help you to tide over.

Capricorn: Jupiter transits the eleventh house and good fortune smiles at you. Prospects of getting higher education are high. Profession blossoms during this phase. Re-meeting a long lost love or relative is likely. Children are a source of happiness.

Aquarius: Jupiter transits the problem eighth house. You need to guard against a complicated health issue. Low income and high expenses may force you take a loan. Domestic unrest and fruitless journeys are indicated.

Pisces: Jupiter transits the seventh house and aspects the first. Financial gains can lead to purchase of a vehicle. Hard work pays ell during this phase. You will go on a pilgrimage.

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