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Transit of Jupiter and Saturn in 2016 Part-I. Life tips from hinduvedicastro.in

 Jupiter and Saturn transit in 2016.


Jupiter entered Leo on 14/7/2015 and has been transiting through this sign since then. Jupiter became retrograde on 8/1/2016 and shall remain so until 9/5/2016. He becomes direct and keeps transiting Leo until 10/8/2016. He then enters Virgo where he shall remain until 12/09/2017.

Indian classics say that when Jupiter transiting Leo becomes retrograde (a phenomenon when he appears to move backwards) or direct (when he appears to move forward again), he produces beneficial results. There are bumper crops of food grains and the general population remains happy on account of health and general prosperity. The rains are plentiful and on time. Fruit and vegetable production increases leading to affordable prices.

Jupiter’s transit through Virgo produces same happy results as above with one rider. Farm and other domestic animals suffer attrition due to disease.

The beneficial results of Jupiter’s transit are partially nullified by the transit of retrograde Mars and Saturn through Scorpio. The classics say that if at the time of Jupiter becoming retrograde or direct, Saturn is retrograde, it leads to landslides, sudden floods, disease and trouble on account of national enemies.

Results of transit of Jupiter through Leo.

In Vedic astrology, we consider the transit results of planets from the Moon, and not from the Ascendant. If you know your Moon sign also called Rashi, please read on. In case you don’t know your Moon sign you can send your date, place and time of birth to me and I shall send you your Moon sign.

Aries: Jupiter transits the fifth houses and provides happiness due to vehicles, good exam results and financial gains.

Taurus: Jupiter passes through the fourth house and gives domestic unrest, increased income and health issues. Success comes after a struggle.

Gemini: In the third house Money flow is restricted and increased expenses cause worries. Health is not stable during this phase.

Cancer: Finances improve and you make progress in life. You spend on charity and religion. Projects started in the past now come to a completion.

Leo: Even significant efforts produce only mediocre results in finances. Expenses far exceed income. Health remains unstable and enemies are a cause of fear.

Virgo: Jupiter is in the twelfth house and causes unrewarded and needless activity. Higher expenses cause discomfort. Your progress is slowed down to a crawl. Secret worries keep you on the edge.

Libra: Jupiter is in the eleventh house of financial gains and produces wealth for you. Professional success and success in exams is very likely.

Scorpio: Jupiter transits the eleventh house and you have to struggle hard to earn money. Expenses exceed income. Mental tension and health related fears haunt you.

Sagittarius: Jupiter transits the ninth house of good fortune. Actions performed in the past come to fruition now. Land and vehicle related successes cause happiness. Keep track of your expenses.

Capricorn: Jupiter’s transit through the eighth house causes obstacles in projects you had assumed will be completed on time. Money is earned after significant effort. Domestic unrest prevails.

Aquarius: Jupiter passes through the seventh house. Significant effort is needed to earn enough money to pay for regular expenses. You are forced to waste a lot of energy is chasing your goals.

Pisces: Jupiter through the sixth house reduces income and pushes up expenses. Enemies and illness cause mental unrest.

In the next Blog we discuss the transit results of Jupiter as it passes through Virgo from eleventh August onward……


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